Olympus Labs : ELIX1R

Olympus Labs : ELIX1R

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Olympus Labs : ELIX1R

Key Benefits:

  • Increased Attention
  • Extreme Focus
  • Mood Elevation
  • Cognitive Enhancement
  • Stress Reduction

Extreme Energy, Focus, Euphoric Mood, & Cognitive Hyperdrive Igniting Matrix:

No matter what time of day you need to get zoned in to handle some business, ELIX1R sets you up for success with the Extreme Energy, Focus, Euphoric Mood, & Cognitive Hyperdrive Igniting Matrix. You will be alert and ready to rock with 300mg of Caffeine Anhydrous, 125mg Sensoril Optimized Ashwagandha Extract and 4mg Galantamine.  These three ingredients will increase focus, enhance mood and stimulate mental activity.  We then kick your mental ability into hyperdrive with 450mg of Bacopa monnieri for incredible cognitive enhancement.  The Caffeine Anhydrous and Sensoril will also increase energy and reduce fatigue so you can CONQU3R the day or night!  

Caffeine increases focus, mental alertness, energy, and reduces symptoms of fatigue due to its ability to produce higher dopamine levels in areas of the brain that are linked to “attention”.  Caffeine has been found to improve focus and concentration during activity, even after a poor night’s sleep, hence the reason it headlines the Extreme Energy, Focus, Euphoric Mood, & Cognitive Hyperdrive Igniting Matrix.

A double-blind study in healthy subjects who had a moderate habitual caffeine consumption investigated the effect on placebo and 100, 200, and 400 mg oral caffeine on energy expenditure, plasma concentrations of substrates and hormones, blood pressure, and heart rate.  Caffeine increased energy expenditure dose dependently and the thermogenic response was positively correlated with the response in plasma caffeine (r = 0.52; p less than 0.018), plasma lactate (r = 0.79; p less than 0.000001), and plasma triglyceride (r = 0.53; p less than 0.02).

As beneficial as caffeine is, you would not want to rely on it as your sole energy source because at an excessive amount you may begin to experience a “jittery” feeling.  That is the genius of ELIX1R, it does not attempt to target a pathway by overloading you with one ingredient.  Contrary to other supplements there is a reasonable yet effective amount of caffeine in ELIX1R.  However, we will still want amazing results so we included Sensoril and Galantamine to complement the caffeine.

Sensoril is a proprietary, multi-patented, standardized extract of Ashwagandha.  Ashwagandha is an adaptogen which are a class of substances which normalize body functions to help reduce fatigue.  Ultimately a reduction in fatigue will leave you with more energy.  In fact, Sensoril is clinically tested to boost energy.  Furthermore, adaptogens increase resistance to stress that helps to promote emotional uplift as well as an enhanced mood and is particularly effective when taken on a daily basis. Sensoril’s benefits of increased energy, fatigue and stress reduction results from its unique ability to improve levels of the corticosteroid hormones, reduce cortisol and increase DHEA. Cortisol is associated with the body’s response to stress while DHEA is an anti-aging hormone that provides energy and vitality.

In a double blind, placebo-controlled, human clinical trial participants that ingested the recommended dose of Sensoril experienced a 79% reduction in fatigue coupled with increased energy. The Sensoril group also saw improvements in mood coupled with reductions in stress, anxiety, irritability, inability to concentrate, and forgetfulness. These components were unchanged in the placebo group throughout the study.  In addition, serum cortisol levels decreased by 24.2% while serum DHEA levels increased by 32.2%. Research has shown that reductions in cortisol are associated with reduced stress and an enhanced mood, while increased DHEA levels lead to greater energy.

Another amazing characteristic of Ashwagandha is that the body does not become habituated to its effect so increased dosage is not necessary over the long term to produce a sustained benefit.

Galantamine is an alkaloid from the flower, Galanthus nivalis L, also known as the common snowdrop.  It is a genus of perennials in the Amaryllis family that are among the first bulbs to bloom in the spring.  With the effective dose of Galantamine in ELIX1R you will TR1UMPH no matter the season.

Galantamine offsets reductions in central cholinergic neurotransmission by inhibiting the acetylcholinesterase enzyme resulting in an increase of acetylcholine in the brain. As an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, it competitively blocks the premature breakdown of the natural neurotransmitter acetylcholine, an essential molecule that supports memory function. Unlike other acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, galantamine is a nicotinic receptor agonist, a substance that promotes the action of acetylcholine in the central and peripheral nervous system.  The enhancement of nicotinic receptor activity has been known to influence memory and intellectual activity.

Bacopa monnieri is one of the most beneficial cognitive enhancing (nootropic) supplements available.  Bacopa monnieri is also an adaptogen which interacts with the dopamine and serotonergic systems, but its main mechanism concerns promoting neuron communication. It has been shown to have potent cognitive enhancing and mood elevating properties and can also reduce cortisol levels.  Moreover, Bacopa monnieri is an antioxidant which is believed to provide protection against memory decline.

Preclinical work has identified a number of acute anxiolytic, nootropic, and adaptogenic effects of Bacopa monnieri that may also co-occur in humans. In a meta-analysis of nine studies involving 437 eligible subjects, supplementation with bacopa monnieri showed improved cognition by shortened Trail B test (-17.9 ms; 95% CI -24.6 to -11.2; p<0.001) and decreased choice reaction time (10.6 ms; 95% CI -12.1 to -9.2; p<0.001).  The meta-analysis concluded that Bacopa monnieri has the potential to improve cognition, particularly speed of attention.

A double-blind, placebo-controlled cross-over study was completed to investigate the acute effects of bacopa monnieri (BM) in 17 healthy participants during completion of a multitasking framework (MTF). The participants completed the MTF, at baseline, then 1 h and 2 h after consuming a placebo, 320 mg BM and 640 mg of BM. Change from baseline scores indicated positive cognitive effects, notably at both 1 hr post and 2 hr post BM consumption, suggesting an earlier nootropic effect of BM than previously investigated. There were also some positive mood effects and reduction in cortisol levels, pointing to a physiological mechanism for stress reduction associated with BM consumption.

Secret Elixir Of Total Sensory Elevation Blend:

We very well could have kept the the formula for ELIX1R to the four ingredients in the Extreme Energy, Focus, Euphoric Mood, & Cognitive Hyperdrive Igniting Matrix because the combination of those ingredients alone are so effectivel.  But why settle for great?  At Olympus Labs we won’t cease until the product is truly transcendent!  That objective is achieved with the inclusion of the Secret Elixir Of Total Sensory Elevation blend.  The matrix includes AlphaSize, the patented version of A-GPC, Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL and J.Regia that will provide extreme focus and attention.  These three ingredients also have mood and brain boosting properties and when combined will result in total sensory elevation.

Alpha-glyceryl-phosphorylcholine (Alpha-GPC) increases levels of acetylcholine in the body, which help provide increased focus.  It also been shown to increase the release of growth hormone (GH) which is important because our natural GH production declines as we age. This decrease may be a result of the increased hypothalamic somatostatin release, which is inhibited by cholinergic agonists, or to decreased secretion of GH-release hormone (GHRH).

In a clinical study GH-release hormone (GHRH) was given to young and old human volunteers, with or without the addition of Alpha-GPC, to assess the effect it had on GH secretion. GH secretion was greater in the younger subjects than in the old individuals, and both groups had a greater GH response to the GHRH+Alpha-GPC than to GHRH alone. The potentiating effect of Alpha-GPC on GH secretion was more pronounced in the elderly subjects. These results indicate that Alpha-GPC is effective at boosting GH secretion in both young and elderly subjects which will ultimately improve brain function.

In a separate study, a significant increase in growth hormone was measured after 60 minutes of ingestion, indicating an acute response, making it beneficial for supplementation prior to tasks requiring focus and attention.

Furthermore, Alpha-GPC also stacks extremely well with caffeine.  This synergy was confirmed in a study involving nineteen physically-active college students (17 men and 2 women) that were randomly assigned to a group that either consumed a supplement including caffeine and Alpha-GPC or placebo.  Results indicated that acute ingestion of the combination can maintain reaction time while a decline in reaction time was observed in the placebo group.  In the same study, increases in subjective feelings of focus and alertness to both visual and auditory stimuli were also reported following exhaustive exercise.  

Novel Stimulant

You may recognize J. Regia from the best pre-workout on the market, CONQU3R UNLEASHED.  It is has proven to be so effective at increasing focus and elevating mood that it was a “no-brainer” that we included it in ELIX1R.   J. Regia is a source of various psychoactive alkaloids and Olympus Labs uses a custom extract of it in ELIX1R.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine, otherwise known as ALCAR, is a carnitine molecule bound to an acetyl group. While L-carnitine is known for its fat loss benefits, ALCAR is also known for its neurological benefits and is actually considered a nootropic supplement.  It has the ability to increase alertness and reduce mental fatigue.  It is such a potent brain booster that treatment with carnitine significantly decreased attention problems and aggressive behavior in boys with ADHD.

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, patients with chronic fatigue syndrome were given 2 g per day of ALCAR.  After just two weeks, 52% of patients reported a significant reduction in mental fatigue.

In another double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 30 elderly patients were given 2 g per day of ALCAR for two months.  The group that was given ALCAR showed a statistically significant improvement in the behavioral scales, in the memory tests, in the attention barrage test and in the Verbal Fluency test.

The combination of the three ingredients in the Secret Elixir Of Total Sensory Elevation blend will provide you with energy by virtue of the reductions in stress and fatigue.  However, the true power of this matrix is the intense focus, cognitive enhancement and sense of euphoria you will experience. This is not your average, run of the mill, stimulant blend!

Beware of supplements that largely consist of a blend of different types of caffeine.  These companies try to convince you that there will be a “time-released” effect.  Who are they kidding?  Don’t waste your time and money!  No silly games here, it’s business time DemiGod Nation.  There is now an equivalent supplement to CONQU3R UNLEASHED that provides superior mental performance.  Olympus Labs has developed a cognitive supplement in ELIX1R that is so potent no undertaking is insurmountable.

You will not find another product that can come close to the focus, mood elevation and mental stimulation that ELIX1R will provide.  In fact, ELIX1R establishes an entirely new category in the supplement industry, Pre-Productivity!   There are no limits to what you can accomplish with ELIX1R.  No longer will you have to consume copious amounts of caffeine to ENDUR3 through the day, there is now an ELIX1R.

It is game on with ELIX1R!  It will take the gaming experience to another level and make you feel like you’re part of the action.  For those who need a serious upgrade to their morning coffee, ELIX1R will allow you to CONQU3R the day.  If there are not enough hours in the day to fit it all in that’s okay, with ELIX1R you can CONQU3R the night too.  ELIX1R is also perfect as a non-pump pre-workout, especially for high intensity interval training (HIIT).  Regardless of the undertaking ELIX1R will UNLEASH your full potential.  Prepare yourself for the onslaught of mental acuity that ELIX1R delivers.  Prepare to TR1UMPH over mental barriers and ENDUR3 through the toughest task.  Olympus Labs has the ELIX1R!

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