Olympus Labs : LJ100

Olympus Labs : LJ100

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Olympus Labs : LJ100

When assessing the field of libido boosting and male virility enhancing ingredients, one source rose to the top Tongkat Ali. Tongkat Ali (eurycoma longifolia jack) or Longjack, also known as Malaysian ginseng, is an herb that has been used extensively for its aphrodisiac qualities

Supplementing with LJ100 can:

  • ● Increase sports performance
  • ● Promote anabolic state
  • ● Reduce catabolic state
  • ● Maintain normal high free testosterone level
  • ● Increase sexual function
  • ● Decrease stress and elevate levels of mood

    Why choose Olympus Labs LJ100?

    Olympus Labs LJ100 contains the only patented, clinically backed Tongkat Ali extract. Do not be fooled by inferior or cheap crude extracts. When it comes to Tongkat Ali, there is no other option but Olympus Labs LJ100 it is the only longjack extract backed by over 14 human studies!

    In fact, LJ100 is protected by a worldwide patent for treatment of sexual dysfunction and male fertility, developed by the esteemed Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Government of Malaysia. E ach capsule provides 100 mg of LJ100 standardized eurycoma longifolia extract, providing 40% glycosaponins, 28% bioactive eurypeptides, 30% polysaccharides, and 0.8% eurycomanone. Additionally, the World Health Organization (WHO) has deemed LJ100 as having no toxicity, and LJ100 also has GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) approval. If it doesn’t say LJ100, you’re not getting the best!

    High quality extraction LJ100 is produced using a patented extraction technology using a high temperature, high pressure, reverse osmosis water extraction method. LJ100 also uses an ultra filtration process, and freeze dried technology, without any added filler, so that you get more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want. Additionally, LJ100 is a 100:1 extract meaning that you get 100x more of the active components than found in whole plant extract.

    Clinical studies:
    Tongkat ali has been studied extensively for increasing sex drive and treating infertility. The literature to support its mechanism of action demonstrates that it works through multiple pathways, including through the influence of free testosterone SHBG and aromatase activity. The bioactive eurypeptides found in LJ100 have been suggested to impact SHBG, or the sex hormone binding globulin the protein which inhibits the circulation of free testosterone by binding it up making your body’s testosterone unavailable to unleash its anabolic effects. Additional research has also demonstrated that one of the components of LJ100, eurycomanone, also has a potent anti estrogenic effect. In vitro studies on leydig cells demonstrated a dose dependent increase in testosterone production, as well as inhibitingaromatase at levels similar to formestane. The combined effects of LJ100 poise this supplement to be the perfect key to unlocking your anabolic potential and your sexual prowess! You might be asking yourself, as good as this sounds often times basic research does not translate into real world effects, so how does LJ100 stack up when studied in human populations? Well, LJ100 has this covered in spades. Again, this is the only patented, clinically backed Tongkat Ali which has been studied in several human trials.

    Effects on human sports performance and healthy populations: In a pilot study involving 14 healthy men (7 longjack, 7 placebo) on a strength training program, significant increases in lean body mass from 52.26 kg to 54.39 kg, and arm circumference measurement from 30.87 to 32.67 cm, were found in the group receiving treatment with 100 mg of longjack, but not in the placebo (PBO) group. And while both treatment groups found a significant increase in strength, assessed by 1 rep max (1RM), treatment with longjack led to a greater increase vs PBO.


    With accumulating evidence in sports performance, both healthy and infertile populations across parameters of sexual health, testosterone, and well being, and substantial studies in animal models (not reviewed here), LJ100Ⓡ is a promising supplement for many different types of people and for different goals, in both men and women. Remember, LJ100 is the only patented form of Tongkat Ali, studied in multiple clinical trials to support its efficacy! Do not accept imitations! Olympus Labs is proud to bring you the best source of tongkat ali for all of your health and wellness needs! Olympus Labs. Innovation. Value. Results.

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