Olympus Labs : Orig1n

Olympus Labs : Orig1n

Brand : Olympus LabsProduct Categories : Anabolic Agents
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Olympus Labs : Orig1n

Olympus Labs ORIG1N | Natural Anabolic
ORIGIN by Olympus Labs is the most advanced & innovative natural anabolic product ever before seen on the supplement market! ORIGIN is composed of four unique natural ingredients that all contribute to create the ultimate catalyst for natural growth. Never before has there been a truly natural product capable of stimulating such muscle growth. Olympus Labs has created the ORIGIN of muscle building to re-define your physique – naturally. There is now a viable alternative for those who want to boost muscle anabolism without the use of prohormones. ORIGIN is also a perfect addition to a pro-hormone cycle or to use as part of a post-cycle therapy (PCT) to maintain your gains.
The quest for the ultimate natural anabolic to facilitate your transformation from a mere mortal into a DemiGod is complete. The King of Natural Anabolics has been crowned with the inception of OR1GIN.

With the reputation Olympus Labs has established for Innovation, Value and Results, you can have complete confidence that OR1GIN will deliver a significant boost in muscle anabolism. By stimulating ghrelin secretion and ribosome biogenesis, OR1GIN will iincrease appetite, myogenin synthesis, and IGF-1 signaling, accelerate recovery, improve digestion and nutrient uptake. There are no other natural supplements available that can rival the anabolic potential of ORIGIN.
How exactly does ORGIN by Olympus Labs ignite new muscle growth?
Everyone has heard the popular cliche in the munity; “you need to eat to grow”. This is a very simplistic perspective and often misinterpreted by those who follow bro-science. Although it may be easy to significantly increase caloric intake with foods high in fat and sugar, It is not as easy to do so while adhering to a healthy diet. To avoid eating when you are not hungry otherwise known as “force feeding“, an increase in appetite would be ideal. In addition, you want to ensure your body utilizes those extra calories in the most efficient manner, mainly in the form of skeletal muscle. Guess what? ORIGIN adeptly performs these two functions via ghrelin secretion and ribosome biogenesis. In order to understand the potential of OR1GIN, let’s review these two mechanism of actions.
Ghrelin Secretion
Ghrelin is an endogenous ligand, GHS-R1a, of the growth hormone secretagogue receptor that can cause a significant increase in appetite. In fact, Ghrelin is the only hormone that exhibits this appetite enhancement, or orexigenic effect, following peripheral administration. In addition, ghrelin exhibits a variety of actions, including stimulation of growth hormone secretion, gastric motility, and gastric acid secretion, as well as induction of a positive energy balance. This hormone, predominantly expressed and secreted by the stomach, has a dual action on GH secretion and food intake. It is believed to be the link connecting somatic growth and body composition with energy metabolism.

Ribosome Biogenesis
The ribosome is a nucleoprotein particle responsible for one of the key processes in every cell, the decoding of messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) into protein. mRNA is a set of RNA molecules that translate genetic information from DNA to the ribosome. Formation of the ribosomal particle, also referred to as ribosome biogenesis, involves a complex series of processes (synthesis, processing and modification) of both ribosome ribonucleic acid (rRNA) and ribosomal proteins, and assembly of the components. Ribosomes play a pivotal role in the molecular life of every cell and rRNA is a critical component of protein synthesis. The biogenesis of ribosomes is a tightly regulated activity and it is inextricably linked to other fundamental cellular processes, including growth, or muscle hypertrophy, and cell division.

How do the ingredients in ORGIN by Olympus Labs work?
ORIGIN utilizes four effective ingredients supported by clinical data in one potent matrix to induce significant muscle anabolism. The GHrow matrix is comprised of 750mg of Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone, 600mg of Gentian Root extract, 300mg of Robuvit (Quercus Robur) extract and 300mg of Actractylodes Chinesis that work in tandem to help you grow to new levels! These are likely not compounds you would typically associate with a bodybuilding supplement and that is because OR1GIN is atypical. There is no other natural product that is in the same realm as ORIGIN. It is an exceptional formula that will provide exceptional results. As always, Olympus Labs builds our formulations on thorough research and sound science which is reflected in the complete dosing of each ingredient.. In fact, OR1GIN contains a very high dose of Robuvit and Actractylodes compared to dosages seen in the studies. So you can rest assured ORIGIN will maximize muscle anabolism in order to build your ultimate physique.
A flavanone glycoside or a sugar molecule consisting of the flavone hesperitin bound to the disaccharide rutinose. It is naturally occurring in citrus fruits including oranges, tangerines and grapefruits. Hesperidin has been shown to influence several biological functions, including inhibiting tumor development and the proliferation of human cancer cells, as well as the destruction of cancer cells. It also has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. In vivo studies have shown that hesperidin may also play a role in ghrelin secretion from the stomach through antagonism of the serotonin receptors.

A study with mouse muscle cells was performed to assess the in vivo and in vitro effect of hesperidin on myogenic differentiation (muscle tissue formation). The cells were analyzed in the presence and absence of hesperidin for the in vitro portion of the study using several lab testing methods, including reporter gene assays, immunoblotting, RT-PCR and DNA pull-down assays. In vivo, the effects of hesperidin were assessed using the freeze injury-induced muscle regeneration model in mice and daily injections of hesperidin for 6 days. Hesperidin promoted myogenic differentiation, in a dose-dependent manner, by increasing myogenin gene expression. Myogenin is a gene transcriptor in mice that plays a critical role in the development of functional skeletal muscle. Hesperidin increased myogenin and muscle creatine kinase gene expression during myogenic differentiation from C3H10T1/2 mesenchymal stem cells in a MyoD-dependent manner and accelerated in vivo muscle regeneration induced by muscle injury. These results indicate hesperedin can play a beneficial role in promoting muscle regeneration, following injury.
Gentian Root
A herbal bitter that is derived from the perennial, Gentiana lutea L. It has traditionally been used in the treatment of digestive disorders and is an ingredient of many proprietary medicines. It contains secoiridoid glucosides which are some of the most bitter compounds known and is used as a scientific basis for measuring bitterness. Gentiana lutea is known to have several biological effects, such as anti-oxidant, anti-tumor and hepatoprotective properties. Recent clinical research into Gentian root and other bitter compounds found that observed improvements in digestion and appetite may at least be partly ascribed to the bitter tonic effect. The increase in appetite that Gentian root provides can be attributed to its ability to stimulate ghrelin secretion. If you want grow you will need to get those macros in and the significant improvement in digestion that Gentiana lutea provides will make larger meals more tolerable. At the substantial dosage included in ORIGIN it will be extremely effective in that regard.

A patented natural extract from French oak wood (Quercus robur) that is rich in roburins and other flavonoids. It is typically used to improve liver dysfunction and chronic fatigue. However, more pertinent to bodybuilding is its ability to reduce muscle soreness, accelerate recovery and to induce changes in the function of the cellular protein factories called ribosomes. Defective ribosomal function has been shown to be associated with several diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). In addition, Robuvit has passed extensive safety tests and GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) studies,and is considered safe for human consumption based on the fact no toxic effects have been observed or reported in clinical trials.

A clinical study confirmed human absorption of roburins from a French oak wood (Quercus robur) water extract (Robuvit) by measuring the increase of total phenols (from 0.63 ± 0.06 to 1.26 ± 0.18 μg GAE equiv/mL plasma) and the appearance of three different roburin metabolites (glucoronidate, urolithins and ellagic acid), in plasma, after 5 days of supplementation. Robuvit supplementation also induced the increase of plasma antioxidant capacity from 1.8 ± 0.05 to 1.9 ± 0.01 nmol Trolox equiv/mL plasma. The study concluded that Robuvit metabolites affect ribosome, cell cycle, and spliceosome pathways.

A clinical study was performed to evaluate the effects of supplementation with Robuvit (Quercus robur wood extract, or “QR”) on performance and endurance in amateur athletes training for a triathlon for a period of 2 weeks. All subjects, half which supplemented with Robuvit and 27 did not, completed 3 events; (swimming, biking and running). Each group improved in training in each of the 3 events, however the improvement was greater with Robuvit (P<0.05) for the swim and biking (P<0.05); the running time decreased by 12.32% in subjects using Robuvit (3.6% in controls; P<0.05). The improvement the total triathlon time was -10.56% with Robuvit in comparison to -3.41% in controls. Post-run muscular pain, cramps, localized pain, straining and the recovery time, were all considered better with QR (P<0.05) based on plasma free radical (PFR) values 1 hour after the final run.

After the final test run triathlon athletes using QR had a lower increase of UBR and LDH (indicator of hemolysis). These two tests were significantly increased in controls (P<0.05) but not in the Robuvit group. The observed improvements in triathlon athletes who supplemented are significant since this group of athletes is among the best trained in the world, therefore it is difficult to improve even further without severe training. In conclusion, Robuvit supplementation improved training, results and decreased hemolysis or the elimination of red blood cells. In addition, no side effects or tolerance problems were reported.

Another clinical study investigated the effect of supplementation with Robuvit (French Quercus robur extract) capsules in subjects with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) associated with increased oxidative stress. The supplementation group consisted of 38 CFS subjects who received 300 mg/day of Robuvit and a control group of 42 comparable subjects who were evaluated for 6 months following an initial 4 week washout period. Symptoms improved in both groups with a significantly more important improvement in the supplement group (P<0.05). The single items in the Multidimensional Assessment of Fatigue (MAF) questionnaire were statistically better improved (P<0.05) in the supplement group. A parallel improvement in oxidative stress was observed in the supplemented subjects. In the follow up, at 6 months no organic disease was discovered or disease markers found. The study concluded that supplementation with Robuvit improves CFS in otherwise healthy subjects with no presence of clinical disease or risk conditions.
A derivative of the Atractylodes herb, a member of the Asteraceae family. There are three different species: Atractylis lancea (Thunb.). DC., Atractylodes japonica Koidz.ez Kitam and Atractylodes chinesis (DC.) koidz. It has been traditionally used as treatment for several conditions including diarrhea, atrophy and flaccidity, arthralgia (joint pain) due to wind and dampness and loss of appetite. Similar to Gentian root, the effect on appetite that Atractylodin causes is indicative of ghrelin secretion. As detailed in the study below, Atractylodin has been shown to be effective with hesperidin induces ghrelin receptor signaling.

Active components of rikkun****o, hesperidin and atractylodin, were given to tumor-bearing rats to determine their efficacy as a treatment for cancer anorexia–cachexiaé It is a syndrome that results in decreased food intake, weight loss, muscle tissue wasting and psychological distress, and this syndrome is a major source of increased morbidity and mortality in cancer patients. Corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) decreased the plasma level of acyl ghrelin, and its receptor antagonist, α-helical CRF, increased food intake of these rats. The serotonin 2c receptor (5-HT2cR) antagonist SB242084 decreased hypothalamic CRF level and improved anorexia, gastrointestinal (GI) dysmotility and body weight loss. The ghrelin receptor antagonist (D-Lys3)-GHRP-6 worsened anorexia and hastened death in tumor-bearing rats. Ghrelin attenuated anorexia–cachexia in the short term, but failed to prolong survival, as did SB242084 administration. In addition, the herbal medicine rikkun****o improved anorexia, GI dysmotility, muscle wasting, and anxiety-related behavior and prolonged survival in animals and patients with cancer. The appetite-stimulating effect of rikkun****o was blocked by (D-Lys3)-GHRP-6.

Active components of rikkun****o, hesperidin and atractylodin potentiated ghrelin secretion and receptor signaling, respectively, and atractylodin prolonged survival in tumor-bearing rats. Our study demonstrates that the integrated mechanism underlying cancer anorexia–cachexia involves lowered ghrelin signaling due to excessive hypothalamic interactions of 5-HT with CRF through the 5-HT2cR. Potentiation of ghrelin receptor signaling may be an attractive treatment for anorexia, muscle wasting and prolong survival in patients with cancer anorexia–cachexia..

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