Olympus Labs : SUP3R-1 ELITE

Olympus Labs : SUP3R-1 ELITE

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Olympus Labs : SUP3R-1 ELITE

Olympus UK SUP3R-1 Elite
SUP3R-1 ELITE by Olympus UK provides you with another incredible value by supplying a huge dosage of 1-Andro paired with a cutting edge pharmaceutical grade delivery system known as S-SEDDS (Solid Self-Emulsifying Drug Delivery System). 1-Andro is a naturally occurring metabolite of DHEA in the human body. 1-Andro and its metabolites are incapable of aromatizing to estrogen, thus making it a very dry compound with no risk of bloat or dramatic negative effects on blood pressure.
SUP3R-1 ELITE is an excellent compound regardless of your goals; it can aid in gaining lean body mass and strength, or help maintain muscle and strength when dieting with a caloric deficit. SUP3R-1 ELITE will stack well with almost any compound, for more dramatic gains in size and strength it is recommended to stack 1-Andro with an aromatizing compound such as 4-Andro, which will help mitigate any side effects regarding lethargy or low libido. Results generally take several weeks to manifest, but moderate gains of lean muscle mass and strength can be expected, though users should not expect rapid increases in size or weight due to extra-cellular and intra-cellular water retention being minimal to non-existent. This makes the gains from Olympus SUP3R-1 ELITE fairly easy to maintain post cycle.
Olympus UK SUP3R-1 ELITE Key Benefits

  • Non-Methylated/Non-Liver Toxic
  • Dry Compound/Non-Aromatizing
  • Increases Size/Muscle Mass
  • Increases Recovery
  • Increases Strength
  • Increases Reduces Body Fat
  • Excellent for Bulking/Recomping/Cutting
  • Increases Vascularity
  • Excellent Stacker

Though 1-Andro has many beneficial effects, it is not without the possibility of side effects. On a positive note, 1-Andro is non-methylated (non-17a-alkylated) so there should be little to no concern regarding it negatively affecting the HDL/LDL ratio to the same extent other ph’s can. And since it does not aromatize to estrogen, estrogenic side effects such as water retention, bloating and gynecomastia should not be an issue. However some users experience lethargy and lower libido from 1-Andro, though this varies from person to person, with some experiencing little to no lethargy and others needing to lower their dosage or stop their cycle entirely. However, stacking with 4-Andro, Epi-andro or both typically mitigates any lethargy that might occur while using 1-Andro and keeps libido high as well.
A paper published by West Texas A&M University, the California Baptist University and the University of Texas at Austin looked at the effects of 330mg free-form 1-Andro given daily for 4 weeks to 9 males with an average of 5 years of experience in resistance training and an average body fat of 13%. During the following 4 weeks, the subjects participated in 16 sessions of structured resistance-training. The results showed that the 9 males had gained an average of 10.4lbs (4.7kg) lean mass, lost over 4.4lbs (2kg) fat, and had a total load strength increase of 161lbs (73.2kg). No conflicts of interest, financial or otherwise, were declared by the author(s), and the research was supported by the West Texas A&M University Kilgore Research Center. Thus it can be extrapolated that this unbiased paper shows 1-Andro to be a highly effective compound and is capable of eliciting highly favorable changes in body composition.
S-SEDDS is a cutting edge and highly effective delivery system utilized by the pharmaceutical industry. It is without a doubt one of the most effective means by which to deliver any compound at this point in time, and stands to replace other more antiquated methods delivery in the very near future. So when choosing an Andro product to help you reach your goals, ask yourself, do you want a product that is backed by theories and hypotheticals, or by cutting edge pharmaceutical science?

  • 90 Capsules

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