Performax Labs : MassMax XT

Performax Labs : MassMax XT

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Performax Labs : MassMax XT

Improved Muscle Mass & Vascularity!

Improved Muscle Mass & Vascularity!Improved Muscle Mass & Vascularity!

Rhaponticum Carthamoides

Rhaponticum CarthamoidesRhaponticum Carthamoides

MassMaxXT is a complex that is precisely formulated to increase protein synthesis and improve body composition. MassMaxXT contains an HPLC extract of Rhaponticum Carthamoides, which consists of a wide range of ecdysteroids and is standardized to 40% ecdysterone. Ecdysterone has demonstrated potent anabolic effects without increasing androgens, like testosterone. In clinical studies, ecdysterone has increased muscle mass up by 6-7% while simultaneously decreasing fat mass by 10%!

Ecdysteroids are a class of compounds found in insects – which they use for molting and growth – as well as found in a variety of plants. The anabolic effects have been demonstrated in multiple studies, whether in vitro, in animal models, or in humans. However, not all studies have been positive – many have tested either a single ecdysteroid extract or an inferior source of ecdysteroids, such as suma root. MassMaxXT can provide clinically proven muscle mass growth through our highly purified HPLC extract of whole plant Rhaponticum Carthamoides!

The whole plant extract contains a full spectrum of ecdysteroids, such that we can ensure greater bioavailability and effectiveness compared to any single component. Cell and animal studies clearly demonstrate the anabolic potential of ecdysteroids. Human studies suggest that the right combination of pure ecdysteroids are needed to unlock that potential. When a whole plant extract was compared to individual components, the whole plant Rhaponticum Carthamoides performed much better. Additionally, human performance studies using whole plant Rhaponticum Carthamoides demonstrated significant improvements in muscle mass, fat mass, and work capacity, while studies from inferior sources did not .

While providing a wide spectrum of ecdysteroids, we have chosen to standardize our Rhaponticum Carthamoides extract to 20-hydroxyecdysone. Though there has been some discussion regarding the most active ecdysteroid, the research is clear – 20-hydroxyecdysone is more active than other studied compounds. 20-hydroxyecdysone has reliably increased muscle cell diameter in vitro and muscle size in the soleus of rats . To unleash this clinically studied growth in muscle tissue, MassMaxXT contains a plant extract standardized to 20-hydroxyecdysone at 40%.

We wanted to take MassMaxXT to the next level, so we employed the most accurate isolation and extraction process available, high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). There are generally two ways to monitor the isolation process of ecdysteroids from plants: using a UV detector to measure absorbance or using HPLC to utilize multiple detection. Researchers have been able to identify new ecdysteroids by utilizing HPLC to measure them, though their concentrations may be very low. Through this painstaking extraction process, we can achieve the widest possible spectrum of ecdysteroids, thereby optimizing the anabolic action of Rhaponticum Carthamoides.

A quick look at the other ingredients in MassMaxXT that makes it the premier muscle building formula on the market today




The whole plantThe whole plant

While providing a wide spectrum of ecdysteroids, While providing a wide spectrum of ecdysteroids,

We wanted to take MassMaxXTWe wanted to take MassMaxXT


Epicatechin, which is found naturally in dark chocolate and green tea, in another potent muscle and strength builder. It acts by both decreasing myostatin in the body and by increasing follistatin. Myostatin is a powerful inhibitor of muscle growth, popularly known from pictures of super-jacked cows who have a natural mutation in the myostatin gene, resulting in abnormally large muscles. Follistatin, on the other hand, indirectly promotes muscle growth by inhibiting myostatin. Epicatechin has been shown to favorably affect both myostatin and follistatin in an animal model, and to improve the follistatin/ myostatin ratio in humans. The mouse study investigated both young and older mice, since the older mice demonstrated age-related decreases in follistatin and increases in myostatin. In the young mice, epicatechin lowered myostatin levels. In the older mice, follistatin dramatically increased, while myostatin returned to the same levels as the young untreated mice. In humans, 7 days of treatment with 25mg of epicatechin resulted in a 50% increase of the follistatin/myostatin ratio, as well as a significant increase in handgrip strength.

Epicatechin may also aid in muscle growth by increasing blood flow via nitric oxide release. Epicatechin activates nitric oxide synthase, which is an enzyme that activates nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide cause vasodilation, leading to enhanced blood flow. Increased blood flow may improve oxygen and nutrient delivery to the muscles, which may lead to better workouts in the gym, leading to muscle growth and increased strength.

Methyl Palmitate/Methyl Oleate:


Epicatechin Epicatechin

Methyl Palmitate/Methyl Oleate:Methyl Palmitate/Methyl Oleate:

These two fatty acid esters, naturally found in honeybee drone milk, have demonstrated potent androgenic and anabolic effects. In a study from the University of Szeged, Hungary, 10 days of treatment with drone milk significantly increased testosterone levels and muscle mass, as measured by the levator ani muscle in rats. Methyl palmitate and methyl oleate were determined to be the active ingredients in the drone milk. The administration of methyl palmitate alone reproduced the anabolic effect, but both fatty acid esters were needed to produce an androgenic effect.

Atractylodes Lancea Rhizome:

These two fatty acid esters, These two fatty acid esters,

Atractylodes Lancea Rhizome:Atractylodes Lancea Rhizome:

Atractylodes is a root traditionally used in Chinese medicine to remedy low appetite, gastric distress, and nausea. Studies have demonstrated that treatment with atractylodes improves gastric emptying and intestinal motility, and it works by enhancing ghrelin secretion . Ghrelin is a peptide hormone that is known as the “hunger hormone” for its ability to control hunger, which is great for anyone wanting to add serious mass. Also, ghrelin increases anabolic hormones, such as growth hormone. In this way, atractylodes has the dual benefit of stimulating hormones for growth and increasing hunger to help match the supply of macronutrients with the demand.


Sodium Caprate:

Sodium Caprate:Sodium Caprate:

Sodium caprate is a well-documented absorption enhancer. Increased intestinal absorption can occur transcellularly (across the cell) or paracellularly (between cells). Sodium caprate functions by removing essential proteins in bicellular and tricellular tight junctions which increases paracellular permeability. By opening up the tight junctions between cells, sodium caprate can enhance the flux of compounds into the bloodstream, thereby increasing blood concentration and bioavailability. This is especially important with compounds that have high solubility but low permeability, such as ecdysteroids and epicatechin.

Green Tea:

Sodium caprateSodium caprate

Green Tea:Green Tea:

Green tea is packed with catechins, including epicatechin, epigallocatechin, epicatechin gallate, and epigallocatechin gallate. Combining green tea extract with epicatechin can improve the bioavailability of the epicatechin extract, in the same way that a wider spectrum of ecdysteroids can enhance the effectiveness of ecdysterone.


Green tea Green tea


Piperine is a compound extracted from black pepper, and its action is due to its ability to slow down the elimination of compounds from the body. By inhibiting cytochrome P450 enzymes, which play essential roles in the oxidation and elimination of many compounds, piperine can increase the time that certain compounds stay in the bloodstream, thereby improving their effectiveness. This is especially important with regards to compounds that the body metabolizes rather quickly, such as ecdysteroids. Piperine supplementation has increased the bioavailability of both drugs and natural compounds.


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