Prolab : Cuts II Gold

Prolab : Cuts II Gold

Brand : ProlabProduct Categories : Fat Burners
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Prolab : Cuts II Gold

Go Lean or Go Home*

PROLAB Cuts II Gold is an ideal compliment for anyone striving to achieve a lean, chiseled physique.* Cuts II Gold addresses much more than helping the body utilize fat.* This dynamic formula supports a full range of key factors that help dieters maintain their edge.*

First, Cuts II Gold targets energy metabolism to help prime the body to burn fuel.* Next, L-Carnitine helps to “shuttle” fats deep into cells – to the very “fat-burning factories” for incineration.* At the very same time, the precision nutrient, Chromium Picolinate, helps optimize carbohydrate and fat metabolism – promoting efficient nutrient utilization.* Finally, a blend of water-balancing herbs helps to reduce excess fluids that cause the dreaded, “smooth and bloated” look.*

  • Premium Lipotropic Formula*
  • Optimizes Fat Metabolism*
  • Drives Efficient Carbohydrate Utilization*
  • Helps Reduce Excess Water*

  • 90 Capsules

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