ProMera : Gluta-Blast

ProMera : Gluta-Blast

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ProMera : Gluta-Blast

GLUTA BLAST™ is a blend of high performance glutamine analogues intended to provide athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike with a multi-phased recovery system.* GLUTA BLAST provides an increased improvement in glutamine bioavailability that optimizes absorption and plasma concentrations of glutamine in muscle tissue.*

GLUTA BLAST may help elevate glutamine stores to offset catabolic muscle stress during training and decrease recovery time.*


GLUTA BLAST is for men and women that understand the critical importance of accelerating the rate and degree of muscle recovery.*

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Daily use of GLUTA BLAST can help promote:


GLUTA BLAST During training, the release of glutamine from skeletal muscle is the signal that triggers a catabolic environment resulting in muscle fatigue. Daily use of GLUTA BLAST may elevate glutamine plasma levels which can significantly delay the release of lactic acid, minimize fatigue, and improve recovery.*

Advanced Recovery


GLUTA BLAST is available in delicious Blue Raspberry and Mandarin. GLUTA BLAST is Gluten Free and has zero calories.*

  • 60 Servings

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