Sparta Nutrition : EpiMax

Sparta Nutrition : EpiMax

Brand : Sparta NutritionProduct Categories : Vitamins & More
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Sparta Nutrition : EpiMax

Sparta Nutrition EpiMaxEpiMax by Sparta Nutrition provides an industry leading dose of the powerful prohormone Epiandrosterone. EpiMax shines above similar products by utilizing Tetrasorb Delivery Technology to maximize absorption of this potent lean mass building compound.
EpiMax is formulated to increase aggression, muscle mass, strength, libido, and definition to turn you into an elite God-like warrior.
Sparta Nutrition AndroMax Key Benefits

  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Recomp/Muscle Hardening
  • Increased Strength
  • Increased Recovery
  • Increased Fat Loss & Definition
  • Increased Libido and Aggression

How does EpiMax by Sparta Nutrition work?
Epiandrosterone is a precursor to DHT, also known as dihyrdotestosterone. Studies show that DHT increases strength, muscle hardness, and libido. Epiandrosterone does not aromatize to estrogen, therefore there’s no risk of gyno. It is noted that Epiandrosterone also results in direct neurological effects, known to increase focus and aggression during training for the utmost elite Spartans.

Epiandrosterone is a great stacker – which means that it stacks well with other Andro prohormones. EpiMax is non-methylated, dry, anti-estrogenic, increases aggression, combats lethargy, increases muscle hardness, strength, vascularity, increases libido and is an excellent standalone cycle or stacker for cutting/recomp.
Tetrasorb Delivery
EpiMax amplifies absorption and bioavailability with the use of the most advanced delivery system in the industry: Tetrasorb. Tetrasorb Delivery consists of 4 primary ingredients: 2 absorption enhancers and 2 metabolic modulators that prolong the activity of active ingredients.

Once the capsule is ingested, it travels into the gut (past the stomach) where the 2 potent absorption enhancers are released. The first absorption enhancer is Dodecanoic Acid, a fatty acid that dilates the intestines to allow for maximum molecule penetration. The second absorption enhancer is Stigmast-5-en-3-ol Beta-D-Glucosid, a natural chemical Saponin that is arguably one of the most potent hydrophobic substrates. The combination enables the metabolized active(s) to reach their target.

The next phase is 6′,7′-Dihydroxy-5-Geranoxypsoralen, which increases the blood level of certain substrates and hormones by over SEVERAL HUNDRED PERCENT through the interaction of CYP isozymes with the rapid first-pass deactivation of androgens.

The last component is this trademarked enhancing matrix is 1-[5-(1,3-Benzodioxol-5-yl)-1-oxo-2,4-pentadienyl]piperidine, which is found to inhibit enzymes – specifically P-gylcoprotein, which allows substrates to reach maximum levels within the body.In short, the use of Tetrasorb Delivery brings the active ingredients in EpiMax to the front line positions on the intestinal front, allowing the ingredients to go straight to the muscles where they execute their purpose: GROWTH.

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