The Genius Brand : Genius BCAA

The Genius Brand : Genius BCAA

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The Genius Brand : Genius BCAA
  • WHAT’S IN YOUR AMINOS? – Did you know most BCAAs are made from DUCK FEATHERS & HUMAN HAIR! Not ours – Say No to any BCAA that isn’t fermented. Quality matters & our instantized BCAAs are better
  • THE SMART CHOICE – Daily muscle support while boosting memory & concentration, not a bad deal right? Genius is about getting the most out of your body. We make fully functional products that actually serve a purpose
  • COMBAT MENTAL & PHYSICAL EXHAUSTION – Amongst notables, Genius BCAA includes rhodiola rosea, a neuroprotective herb known to promote physical/cognitive vitality
  • COFFEE SUBSTITUTION – Many coffee drinkers find Genius BCAA to be a suitable replacement for their morning cup of joe! In addition to substituting with natural caffeine, Genius BCAA also provides a cognitive edge
  • THE GENIUS PROMISE – ZERO WORTHLESS FILLERS & FORMULAS BACKED BY SCIENCE – The Genius Brand’s mission statement is to truly improve health. 100% pure, GENIUS BURN is made with vegetable capsules and the finest ingredients nature has to offer


  • 21 Servings

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