Ultimate Nutrition : Daily Complete Formula

Ultimate Nutrition : Daily Complete Formula

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Ultimate Nutrition : Daily Complete Formula
All adults should take a multivitamin every day, according to a report published by two Harvard doctors in the Journal of the American Medical Association. This recommendation is based on research demonstrating that taking a multivitamin is important to overall health.

The new recommendation is part of a gradual but ongoing attitude shift in conventional medicine concerning the value of nutritional supplements. For many years, the prevailing opinion among most doctors was that vitamin supplements are unnecessary because the typical American diet provides all of the nutrients necessary to maintain good health. However, as the Harvard researchers point out, that opinion is no longer defensible.

Subtle vitamin deficiencies can result from excessive consumption of nutrient-depleted foods such as refined sugar and white flour, from inadequate intake of vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables, and from nutrient losses due to processing, prolonged heating, or storage of foods.

Multivitamin and mineral supplements are perhaps the most important single supplement that can be consumed by athletes also.* For the human body to perform at its maximum potential, it must be fed a vast and complex array of vital nutrients. Becoming deficient in just one of these essential vitamins or minerals breaks down the metabolic pathway that produces optimum efficiency and performance declines. Daily consumption of a high-potency multivitamin/multimineral formula may help ensure the presence of essential cofactors necessary for thousands of metabolic reactions.

Daily Complete Formula is a premium multivitamin and multimineral supplement specially formulated to help your body return to its optimal nutrient levels while helping restore your physical and mental energy.* This complete formula is specially formulated with 33 vitamins, minerals, and herbs, including bioflavanoids, and increased levels of six essential B vitamins and three key antioxidants. Ultimate Nutrition’s formula is especially valuable to people who are pushing themselves to their limits and don’t have the time or energy to monitor their diets or sleep habits carefully.

Daily Complete Formula provides a complete balance of vitamins essential to the normal functioning of our bodies.* Minerals and trace minerals are added in their most bioavailable form to provide a superior product for the moderately active individual. Just check out the list of ingredients… it’s everything you could want and more. 100% natural timed released, a multivitamin/multimineral supplement that has been rated one of the Top 10 supplements for bodybuilders and athletes in many popular magazines. Ultimate Nutrition’s Daily Complete formula delivers antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that work together to promote good health for enjoyment of life to the fullest.*

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a multivitamin, isn’t eating healthy enough?
The idea that we can get all the nutrients we need from the food we eat is very appealing. For the average person, it’s difficult to get the proper amount of nutrients needed from food alone. Even the healthiest of eaters might not be getting the recommended amount of vitamins and minerals. Recognizing this, Ultimate Nutrition has designed a full-spectrum product that combines important ingredients essential to maintaining good health.

Is it really important to take the tablets with meals? What if I forget them and it is several hours later?
Absorption of supplements is best when the body has bulky food to work on. It is especially important to take time-release formulas with food. Some of the vitamins (and coenzyme Q-10) are fat-soluble and are much better absorbed if taken with a meal. If you forget to take them with your meal go ahead and take them. Nothing bad will happen. If over half the day has gone by then skip over until the next meal.

What role do antioxidants play and why should I take them?
Antioxidants are a group of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that help protect the cells in our body from the formation of free radicals. Free radicals are atoms, or a group of atoms, that can cause damage to our cells, which can lead to the impairment of our immune system. Antioxidants function as free radical scavengers. These scavengers neutralize the free radicals by ingesting them and making them incapable of harming our cells. Even a good diet may not provide adequate antioxidant protection, so it is usually suggested that we take a good antioxidant supplement each day. Vitamins C, E and beta-carotene, coenzyme Q10 and the minerals zinc and selenium are all antioxidants. Flavinoids, also known as proanthocyanidins and anthocyanosides, are also powerful antioxidants.

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