USP Labs : Agmatine 500

USP Labs : Agmatine 500

Brand : USP LabsProduct Categories : Agmatine
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USP Labs : Agmatine 500
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Ultra-Premium Quality Agmatine Sulfate

Anyone who has taken Test Powder or Jack3d Micro knows just how good quality Agmatine sulfate is.The problem is most agmatine on the market is very low quality, about 30-40% pure. Agmatine is such a versatile compound that we wanted to use it at other times during the day and with various products and stacks.

So, what did USPlabs do?

Using the high quality Agmatine found in Test Powder and Jack3d Micro, we created Agmatine 500: The best pure Agmatine Sulfate product on the market with the ability to customize doses to your individuals needs and desires!*

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