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Primeval Labs are a rising star of the supplement world. In the last year, they have produced some great products in numerous categories, and with XANIX they are adding another category they look to take over. XANIX is the company’s new sleeping & recovery aid with a twist. It is not supposed to knock you down, but rather to make the best out of your sleep time by reducing stress while putting your body in a more anabolic state. Starting off with a very cool name (a spin on Xanax in case you missed it)…Let’s see if it continues Primeval Labs’ strong run.



Xanix’s label is short and pretty simple. Totalling at 5 ingredients, it may look like some are not your usual sleeping aid ingredients but when looking at the formula as a whole, it all makes perfect sense. Xanix also doesn’t have any addictive or habit-forming ingredients, which is a great plus.


L-Taurine 3g – Taurine is an amino acid that increases the production of GABA, which is basically your body’s off switch. It also prevents obesity and supports insulin sensitivity.

L-Tyrosine 2g – Tyrosine is mostly used as a mental boosting ingredient. The reason you see it here is that a research regarding Tyrosine shows stress relieving abilities. The way it works is that the Tyrosine reduces cortisol levels, which increases stress and makes falling asleep difficult, and helps you have a better overall feeling which results in better sleep.

Humanofort 200mg – Humanofort is a very unique (and expensive) ingredient that has many benefits. That just goes to show how serious Primeval Labs are when it comes to their products. Some of the many benefits of Humanofort that you’ll find helpful are decreased fat mass and better sleep quality. 200mg is a pretty big dose too, so good on Primeval Labs on that one.

L-Threonine 200mg – Another interesting ingredient, Threonine is an amino acid that supports fat metabolism and better digestive function. Why is it in Xanix you ask? Well, the answer is that studies found a connection between sleep duration and proper lipid metabolism. That means that if you’re getting a boost to fat metabolism, you’re going to get a longer sleep.

5-HTP 100mg – short for 5-hydroxytryptophan, this ingredient ultimately improves sleep by elevating melatonin levels. Also, when consumed around bedtime, 5-HTP helps induce sleep and improve sleep quality.


The Label’s Bottom Line

Seems like Primeval Labs are here to stay, because this label shows that they did their homework. By themselves, these ingredients are good at helping with sleeping problems,  stress reduction and better body metabolism separately, but when put together, they complete each other. The concept of a more restful sleep optimized for recovery & better body function reflects itself well in the label.  




Effectiveness – We went for a full 3 scoop (pretty small scoop mind you) dose just like the label suggests. We can safely say we are not disappointed. Even more, we are surprised, to make such an effective product with this short of an ingredient list is quite incredible. The actual effect is an interesting chill down feeling. It for sure doesn’t know you down. We didn’t feel sleepy or dozy by any means. We mostly chilled…and waking up in the morning felt better which we can attribute to just being more relaxed. We cannot directly attest to ‘better metabolism’, but we did feel recovered. Oh, and coming in two great flavors, Pineapple Mango and Watermelon. Both taste great and make a nice bedtime drink.




Currently priced at $39.99 a tub (30 servings) makes the Xanix quite pricey, also when compared to the top competing sleep & recovery products (See our top 10 list here). But, that’s the reason we exist, to find you the best supplements deals. So make sure you check out our XANIX product page and compare prices and see the best deals. 




BIOS3 XANIX is not your grandma sleep aid. This is not your ‘take me and fall a sleep’ type product. If you are looking for something like that, then there are  cheaper alternatives out there.  The premise is to get into the zone not only while you workout but also when you sleep and we feel that to a large extent XANIX delivers on the promise.


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