Ultimate Nutrition ISO-Sensation 93 Review

blog-icon By TJ Posted on January 8, 2017

Below is a written review of one of the best protein powders available to you, within the review we will look at the company, the product, and the benefits of taking it. But we also have a video that goes into all of this (and more) so check it out below if you prefer:


The Company

Ultimate Nutrition has been around since 1979 when its founder Victor H Rubino decided he wanted a better quality of supplement available to the public. The family of Victor still own the company, and the brand is as big as ever. Ultimate Nutrition has partnerships with Phil Heath and Dexter Jackson two of the most well-known Bodybuilders around.

Ultimate Nutrition ISO-Sensation 93

They sell a whole range of products designed to cater to all aspects of nutrition (both for sport and for health). ISO Sensation 93 is one of their most well-known protein powders and it is the supplement we will be looking at today.

The Label for Dummies

Ultimate Nutrition ISO-Sensation 93 label

To truly understand this product you have to understand the difference between whey concentrate and whey isolate. Concentrate is the most abundant protein powder around, it is also the cheapest. This is because it is the least treated of the two. The protein content is good but many people find it hard to digest, leading to upset stomachs, bloating etc …

Whey Isolate is basically whey concentrate that has had the lactose removed, this allows people who are lactose-intolerant to consume it. Isolate is a lot easier for everyone to absorb though and this is the main benefit. As the lactose has been removed it also means that the protein content of the whey isolate will be slightly higher. If you are fed up of feeling bloated or gassy after your protein shake, or you are looking for as much protein per serving as possible then Whey isolate is your best bet.

So what makes Iso Sensation 93 so good?

The main benefits to using ISO 93 are both in the name, firstly it is a whey isolate product so less bloating, lactose-free etc. Secondly, each serving consists of 93% protein! So a 32g serving contains 30g of protein.

Maybe a better way of looking at this would be each serving contains 130 calories, of which 120 calories come from protein. If you are looking for the best protein to carb/fat ratio in a powder ISO Sensation 93 is the answer.

Ultimate Nutrition have also added Glutamine, ALA, and 4-hydroxyisoleucine (found in fenugreek seed) that may have anti-obesity effects. In other words, 4-hydroxyisoleucine may help with weight reduction – it does this by affecting the production of insulin. A minor ingredient that could really help certain people.

Value for Money & ISO-Sensation 93 deal history

This product is potentially one of the best protein powders on the market, with excellent value for money, some amazing flavors are also available with Cafe Brazil, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Cookies & Cream being particularly popular. The retail price is around $59 for 5LB – but we’ve seen it on a deal for as low as $59 for 10LB which is just an unbelievable value.

ISO Sensation 93 is available in two sizes, 2lb or 5lb tubs. There are around 70 servings in the 5lb tub, considering that each serving is 93% protein, that makes this one of the best value for money protein powders on the market.





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