Best 10 Nootropic Supplements of 2020

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Nootropics, or as I like to call them – the ‘pre anything’ supplement, are an increasingly popular category that targets the mind rather than the body. They are known as cognitive enhancers, if you’ve ever seen the film “Limitless” then you have a rough idea of what they are designed to do. You can also read our post about noopept in bodybuilding supplements – what you should know.

Sadly, no Nootropic is as effective as the made up pills in the film, but there still are a lot of supplements out there that can help improve mood, focus, memory, and decision-making.

In this article we are going to take a look at ten of the best Nootropics out on the market today. We’ll assess their effectiveness, and whether they have the ingredients to match their proposed benefits.

Our Best 10 Nootropic Supplements of 2020

1.Apollon Nutrition : Anarchy Labs ‘OVERTIME’

From the creators of the Hooligan and Assassin Pre-Workouts comes a Nootropic formula that is so versatile and effective there was really no competition for the first place on this list. Apollon Nutrition OverTime nootropic brings a label that will get you in the zone just by looking at it! OVERTIME has a whopping 6 caps full serving but for most of the users, 3 caps will be enough to make the top 3 on this list. with 4 and 6 caps, the combination of focus, mood elevation and sheer clean, effective energy that lasts for hours on hours. Check out our full review on YouTube for the full details.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Apollon Nutrition Overtime
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2. MuscleForce: Grind

MuscleForce Grind

This is a super strong nootropic that puts the emphasis on mood elevation, focus enhancement, brain boosting and energy. The label shows 2-4 capsules ratio, and I found 4 capsules too much for me mainly because of the caffeine, and 2 capsules were a bit too little. HOWEVER – with 3 capsules, it was magic. This nootropic gets you in the zone in a really good way, energized but not jittery, and the best part is for sure the mood elevation. You just feel good. It gets you going even in doing things you don’t like doing. At 3 capsules the effects last a really long time, so I wouldn’t recommend taking it close to bed time. All things considered, this is one of the best nootropics supplements in the market.

Best Nootropic Contender? | MuscleForce GRIND Review



3. NCN Supps: Shredderex (prev Shredderall) 


Shreddrex is a seriously loaded nootropic, designed to give you amazing mental focus while containing ingredients to help you burn fat as well. The formula is designed to get you in the zone, elevate your mood and increase your body’s metabolic rate. This formula was put together perfectly to help you get in the zone and energized, but not get you too stimmed. It doesn’t have any appetite suppressants like fat burners do, but definitely has a thermogenic effect. At 1 capsule, this is a kick ass nootropic very strong mental focus and energy, and just all around an amazing focus experience. The tub contains 60 pills and since I believe 1 pill is the best dose to achieve that awesome experience, this has 60 servings which adds great value for money. Definitely the best nootropic out there when you are looking for a kick for your buck. 



This Nootropic is on 🔥 | SHREDDEREX Review [Shrederall]



4. Myprotein: THE Neuro Engage

THE Neuro Engage

This nootropic is the best choice for an afternoon focus and energy enhancement. With L-Theanine in the formula, it really helps the effects fade out smoothly and doesn’t keep you up too long. This product will not get you going crazy and jittery with energy, but will definitely get you feeling more dialed-in. If you want to study or work and just be in the zone and focused for a few hours this is a solid formula, that fades away pretty quick and makes it perfect for the afternoon use cases. The experience was good for the time it lasted and got me focused and doing what I needed to do, without keeping me awake when it was bedtime.

Best Afternoon Nootropic? | The Neuro-Engage Review [MYPROTEIN]



5. Black Magic Supply: Brain Waves

black magic supply brain waves

This nootropic is a really great product designed to help with brain functions, elevated energy, mood and cognitive skills. It really works for mental focus and doesn’t have any crashing effects. With the combination of Caffeine and DMHA, it ensures a smooth transition and provides a nice experience with no anxiety or other bad effects. I found this nootropic great for studying and getting in the zone.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Black Magic Supply Brain Waves
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6. Performax: NootropiMax

Performax Nootropimax

The Performax Nootropimax is a stim-loaded formula that is supposed to last a pretty long time, with some really great well dosed cognitive enhancements. The label shows a LOT of stimulants, and is almost like taking another scoop of a strong pre workout, so I wouldn’t recommend taking it daily. To really get energized and in the zone I had to take 2 pills, and it  did the job. 30 minutes into it you are truly in the zone and want to get stuff done. It also elevates your mood and provides a good focus experience. If you are not used to stims you might feel weird and buzzy, but there’s no crash. This is not something you would take every day because of the stims amount, but it’s really good for those times you need to get some serious energy and mental focus boost to achieve your daily goals.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Performax Labs Nootropimax
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7. Myoblox: Skywalk

Myoblox Skywalk

This nootropic has a great label with a lot of alertness ingredients and some balancing effects. The flavor is not offensive, but it’s OK. I really enjoyed the experience as far as mental focus and nootropic. It was my favorite for a while because it truly gets you in the zone in a super clean way without side effects, or as I call it – GUCCI focus. One scoop of this gets the job done and provides an awesome mental focus and mood elevation experience. Like other Myoblox products, it is not on the cheap side so you should always compare prices.

Why I LOVE this Nootropic | MYOBLOX SKYWALK Review



8. Juggernaut Nutrition: IQ Octane

Juggernaut nutrition IQ Octane

This is a quite different nootropic. Usually when you take a nootropic you are looking for mental focus and energy, and almost like the effects of taking a pre workout that is toned down, which is great for when you’re tired and need to get in the zone. This one is different in the sense that you just get in the zone, feel an elevated mood but no real energy kick. This is really great for studying as it allows you to sit and focus without any crazy jittery experience. It will not wake you up if you are super tired, but it allows you to get in the zone and a great option for a late afternoon nootropic. So all in all, good product for getting in the zone, mood elevation and getting stuff done without the stim effects.

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9. Redcon1: Mental Trigger

Redcon1 Mental Trigger

This is a great product for mental clarity, mood elevation and focus. It helps with easing stress with dopamine-like effects and helps with cognitive stimulation with Alpha GPC. This nootropic gets you where you need to be in terms of cognitive performance and focus. The Mental Trigger is really made for increasing your cognitive abilities and allowing you to get in the zone and get stuff done.

COMPARE PRICES FOR RedCon1 Mental Trigger



10. SNS: Focus XT

SNS Focus XT

At 1 scoop this nootropic was not enough to get me going as I am pretty stimulants tolerant. At 1.5 scoop I got a good feeling of focus and energy, but it didn’t last for a long time. So for someone that can take a lot of stimulants, it is not enough to get you energized and going for a while. If you are looking for a focus formula and  an energy-drink-type energy kick this is a great option that will save you money on the energy drinks. For me it was not enough, but if you are not a stim junkie it is a solid formula for focus and energy.

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Can’t find your favorite Nootropic on this list? Send us a note! 



Our PREVIOUS Best 10 Nootropic Supplements of 2017-2018

1.Redcon 1: Mental Trigger

Redcon1 Mental Trigger

We’ve looked at Redcon 1 supplements in the past and they’re always worth a try, Mental Trigger is an excellent supplement for reducing anxiety, improving focus, and decision making. It will also keep you alert due to the high levels of Caffeine and Theacrine.

Ingredients such as Mucuna Pruriens can lower Cortisol whilst increasing adrenaline. Mental Trigger also contains Noopept and alpha-gpc which can prevent cognitive decline and improve memory.

COMPARE PRICES FOR RedCon1 Mental Trigger

2.Primeval Labs: Gray Matter

Primeval Labs: Gray Matter

Gray Matter from Primeval Labs contains a lot of similar ingredients to Mental Trigger, it has Theanine, Caffeine, alpha-gpc, and Noopept. But there are a couple of ingredients that separates Gray Matter from Mental Trigger, firstly there is Vinpocetine which is supposed to increase memory and enhance blood flow.

There’s also L-Tyrosine that is anti-stress and may also improve memory. This would be an excellent supplement for studying for (or even taking) an exam.



3.Rich Piana 5% Nutrition: Mentality

Rich Piana 5% Nutrition: Mentality

Rich Piana never does things by halves and it is clear that this approach has rubbed off on his supplement line too. There is a huge amount of caffeine in this product, there’s also Guarana, Yerba Mate, Ginseng, L-Theanine, and Rhodiola extract. This is just a drop in the ocean when you look at the complete ingredients list though!

You should get a lot of energy, an increase in focus, and an improvement of mood here. There’s so much caffeine in here that this would actually work well as a pre-workout too!

COMPARE PRICES FOR Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Mentality


4.Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals: Attention Link

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals: Attention Link

Apparently Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals designed Attention Link for both adults and children! Not sure why a child would need to improve memory or focus to be honest, but there you go. One of the interesting ingredients here is Phenylethylamine HCL which is supposed to release norepinephrine and dopamine.

It is known as the “Love drug” due to the effect it has on Dopamine, but it can also increase alertness. A great product if you need to get a lot of work done but are finding it hard to concentrate.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Attention Link

5.Primeval Labs: Phenibut

Primeval Labs: Phenibut

According to Primeval labs, Phenibut is a Russian Nootropic for improving sleep. It is also supposed to reduce stress, improve mood, and reduce anxiety. This is a single ingredient product with 250mg of phenibut per serving, and 180 servings per pack. A great supplement choice for those who are suffering from broken sleep (which can lower testosterone and growth hormone levels and lead to weight gain).



6.Blackstone Labs: The Razor’s Edge

Blackstone Labs: The Razor’s Edge

The razor’s edge from Blackstone labs promises to increase alertness, improve focus, improve cognitive ability and enhance performance. It does all this with just three ingredients: Phenylpiracetam, CDP Choline, and Adrafinil. The first two ingredients help improve cognitive abilities (decision making, memory etc.) while the third ingredient, Adrafinil, can increase alertness. Another good choice if you are studying hard.

7.Evolution Nutrition: Focus Mode

Evlution Nutrition

The main ingredient of Focus Mode is L-Tyrosine, with 700mg in each serving. As we mentioned in the Gray Matter review, L-Tyrosine is a great anti-stress ingredient and can also improve memory. There’s also Theacrine (which is in Mental Trigger) and Zembrin. This last ingredient is made from Sceletium tortuosum which is a herb that is usually chewed, and may help reduce anxiety.

This is a really decent supplement, with a nice balance of cognitive enhancers and stress relievers. A decent all-round product.



8.Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals: Adderex SR

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals: Adderex SR

Adderex is designed to help you learn, it is supposed to increase focus, increase cognitive function, and improve memory. There are also ingredients that are designed to stimulate the nervous system (like Caffeine does) leading to more energy. There have been a lot of rave reviews about Adderex helping people to get more work done than usual, making it definitely worth your time if you want to increase your output.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Adderex SR

9.ProSupps: iFocus

ProSupps: iFocus

iFocus is another supplement on this list with an ingredient list that could fill a phonebook! Amongst the many ingredients there are three forms of caffeine, Noopept, Choline, Picamilon (which can improve hand-eye coordination, and lower fatigue), and Rhodiola root which we found in Rich Piana’s supplement.

There are a LOT of ingredients in this product, most of which are aimed at improving mood and creating a euphoric feeling. If you are looking for something that will relax you, calm you down, and improve your mood then iFocus is the supplement for you.


10.MOD: Elite Gaming Supplement

MOD: Elite Gaming Supplement

This last Nootropic is pretty cool, in that it has a very specific target market – Gamers. The supplement is designed to improve reaction time, improve focus, and increase energy, due to the use of Theanine instead of Caffeine there should be no tolerance build up either. Theacrine, Rhodeola, and Alpha-gpc are also present.

The Theanine alone would make this a great product for gaming, let alone the others. If you’ve ever hit a sweet spot whilst gaming where everything just felt natural and you were fully focused then taking MOD’s Elite Gaming Supplement may help you recreate that feeling.


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