The Best 10 Pre-Workout Supplements 2020

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Pre-workouts have the ability to turn an average workout into your best session yet, delivering energy, increasing power, reducing fatigue, and even helping your cognition – increasing focus, raising your mood, and helping you to train harder than you ever thought possible. In this list, we are going to be looking at ten of the best pre-workout supplements for 2020. We will give a roundup of the best hardcore pre-workout supplements money can buy.

These pre-workout supplements are not in any particular order, they are ten of the best pre-workouts on the market. Assigning them an order would not necessarily make things clearer for you the customer. This list will contain different pre-workouts that will suit different needs. Of course, everyone taking a pre-workout will want to see an improvement in their performance, but there are many different ways in which a pre-workout can manage this.

Some pre-workouts will focus more on … well … focus! While others will be dedicated to pure stimulation of the central nervous system. The other will try to improve your mood. Throughout this top 10 best pre-workout supplements list we will indicate which pre-workout will suit which requirement.


The Best Pre-Workout Supplements for 2020


1. Assassin by Apollon Nutrition

YES! Its back! And with a vengeance! Apollon Nutrition through its Anarchy Labs sub brand has finally released its successor to the now legendary Assassin, and well people, this one doesn’t disappoint! With a label that will get you stimmed just by looking at it, if you can take it, you are in for a hell of a ride. Assassin is one of these angry pre-workouts, that will get you going and will keep you going for 4-5 hours. You’ll get pumped, you’ll get angry, you’ll throw weights all over the place and you won’t want to stop! Check out our full review on YouTube, and yes, 1/2 a scoop will do just fine for most of you readers!

COMPARE PRICES FOR Apollon Nutrition Assassin Preworkout

Watch our Assassin V6 Pre-Workout Review on YouTube:

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2. Hooligan by Apollon Nutrition

Hooligan by Apollon Nutrition

If you thought that Assassin by Apollon Nutrition had a lot of caffeine, then to quote Bachman Turner Overdrive “You ain’t seen nothing yet”. A single scoop of Hooligan contains 600mg of caffeine. 600mg! That is 2-3 x as much caffeine as you would find in a normal pre-workout supplement. Unlike Assassin, Hooligan does not contain DMHA nor does it contain DMAA but with that much caffeine per serving, you’ll be unlikely to notice. Hooligan will hit you like, well, a hooligan. Delivering a baseball bat to your central nervous system. Expect the most powerful training session of your life.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Apollon Nutrition Hooligan

Our Youtube Review:

The Strongest Pre-Workout Ever? 🤯 Apollon Nutrition Hooligan Review



3. Dark Energy by Magnitude Life Sciences

Dark Energy

Compared to the previous two supplements, the 400mg of caffeine contained within Dark Energy is pretty tame! But 400mg of caffeine is a LOT. Dark Energy also contains 200mg of DMHA as well as 60mg of DMAA. What makes Dark Energy special is that it really boosts your mood, this could be due to the inclusion of GABA. Great energy, good mood, and a high-energy workout guaranteed.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Magnitude Life Sciences DARK ENERGY Pre-Workout Coupon

Our Youtube Review:

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4. Wild by Juggernaut Nutrition

wild juggernaut

Wild by Juggernaut Nutrition is a very clever pre-workout, containing 250mg of caffeine, 40mg of synephrine, and it also contains DMHA. All of these ingredients are powerful and controversial. You can expect a lot of stimulation, a big drop in fatigue, and an improved focus. It also contains creatine, beta-alanine, and citrulline. In terms of powerful stimulation Wild is quite low on the list. But don’t let its relatively low caffeine content put you off, this is a really clever pre-workout that will make a huge difference.

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Our Youtube Review:

This PRE will make u FLY🚀 | WiLD Pre Workout Review [by Juggernaut]



5. El Jefe by ASC Supplements

ASC El Jefe Pre Workout

Taking a break from the high stimulation pre-workouts, we’re looking at El Jefe by ASC supplements. Annoyingly, it is impossible to say how much caffeine is in this supp as the ingredients have been grouped into a “matrix” which disguises individual dosages. However, everyone who has taken it has been very happy with the mood elevation as well as the muscle pump that this supplement delivers. Good dosage of Beta-Alanine too.


ASC El Jefe Review

U will Feel like a BOSS! | EL JEFE Pre-Workout Review



6. Charged AF by Steel Supplements

steel supplements charged af

Another excellent mood-elevator, this time by Steel Supplements. Charged AF is quite low on stimulation but will massively improve your mood and help with focus. If you want a sense of euphoria as you approach the barbell before a new pb then Charged AF could very well be the supplement for you. It also contains enough stimulants such as caffeine and synephrine for you to get a really good session in anyway.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Steel Supplements Charged-AF

Our Charged AF Review

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7. BZRK by Black Magic Extract


BZRK by Black Magic Extract is an overall high-quality pre-workout, it has an excellent pump with Citrulline, Beta-Alanine, GlycerPump™ and Betaine. It also has a really good stimulant selection with tyrosine, caffeine, DMHA, and some other lesser-known ingredients such as Kola nut. This is a great all-rounder and you should see focus, mood, and workout capacity increase.


Our Youtube Review:

BZRK Pre Workout Review | Black Magic Extract?!



8. Hypermax Extreme by Performax Labs

Performax Labs HyperMax Extreme

Just a seriously good mood-elevating pre-workout supplement, one that is so good at increasing your positive energy it could be used as a standalone supplement just for that! A decent caffeine content of 400mg in two scoops as well as 50mg of synephrine will ensure that you still get an insane workout to go with your mood enhancement.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Performax Labs HyperMax XT

Our HyperMax Extreme Youtube Review

Extreme Pre-Workout 🤯 Performax HyperMax EXTREME Review



9. Galvanize by Clinical Labs


We’ve got some seriously powerful ingredients in this next pre-workout, Galvanize by Clinical Labs. While caffeine is quite low 225mg, there is also DMHA as well as Infinergy™, and a seriously good pump section (Citrulline, Arginine, L-Norvaline). You also have beta-alanine and betaine. Clinical labs have also (cleverly) added L-Tyrosine and L-Theanine to help reduce the risk of crashing, these combine really well with the caffeine and should deliver a lot of clean energy for your workout.


Our Youtube Review:

BEST Pre Workout u NEVER Heard of | Clinical Labs Galvanize Review



10. Superhuman by AlphaLion


High in caffeine, high in DHMA, and high in NMT, Superhuman is the stim-junkie’s dream supplement. AlphaLion have added in all the ingredients you need, and have avoided the temptation to overdo things. There is a seriously good pump section too, with VASO6, Citrulline, Norvaline, Nitrosigine, and Taurine. Like with Galvanize, Superhuman contains L-Theanine in an attempt to reduce crashes from the other stim ingredients. This is a very clever pre-workout that ticks a lot of boxes. It will improve your mood, increase your focus, and improve your exercise capacity during a workout. Don’t enter the gym without it!


Our Youtube Review:

Let's Pop a Cherry 🙄Alpha Lion SuperHuman Review [Cherry Popper]




List of Best Pre-Workout Supplements for 2019


1) Apollon Assassin

Apollon Assassin Pre Workout

I will start by saying the Assassin Pre Workout is really intense, and keeps the intensity high for hours on end. Even for me this PWO would be a bit too much to take every day at a full scoop. There are too many stimulants that I feel I would burn down my adrenal gland very quickly, so it is not safe for daily use in my opinion. Another thing is I am not sure you would want to keep the alertness and stimmed feeling for 7 hours everyday. I do think this is definitely one of the best pre workouts if you take half a scoop and then get your normal stim junkie pre workout from quantities perspective. The experience during the 1.5 hours of the workout is really good and very similar to Arez Titanium, Oh Yeah, and the other awesome hardcore PWOs on this list. The difference is this one lasts for like 7 HOURS. But, if you’re one of those people that stopped feeling the other stim junkie pre workouts, and really want a serious kick, this is the one for you. You can get this crazy pre workout in retail stores and on the Apollon Nutrition website. Be sure to check out our price comparison and deals on Apollo Nutrition supplements before you make any decisions!

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2) Arez Titanium


Just like our first place, Arez Titanium is a HARD hitting pre workout. It is super intense and full of stims (including Alpha Yo) and lasts for the whole day. Like the previous gen Arez White, Arez Titanium provides that crazy energy hit, great pumps and awesome mental focus, but the best thing about it is that magical euphoria feeling. This PWO hits you a bit later into the workout, and is for sure one of the nicest experiences in terms of mood elevation, as you just feel super happy for the ENTIRE day. I feel like this product could be used as‘pre-anything’ type of thing – for basically any occasion you need an energy boost and a crazy good mood elevation. Arez Titanium is always a great choice for me as the experience is absolutely amazing. If you are not a stim-junkie you should probably start with ¾ of a scoop, and if you are sensitive to Alpha Yo, you should be careful. You can get this amazing pre workout on a few websites, and always remember to compare prices before buying!


Our Arez Titanium Review:

AREZ White Next Gen | AREZ Titanium Review | Better than the OG?


3) Pre Stack Extreme

Pre Stack Extreme

Although the mediocre pumps, Pre Stack Extreme is a VERY hard hitting pre workout. Even an hour and a half into it, it just doesn’t let go. Needless to say, if you can’t handle overstimulation, this is not for you. You are, however, really going to enjoy this if you enjoyed the previous contender Arez Titanium. This one is very similar to Arez minus the amazing mood elevation and euphoria that lasts for 20 years after. Oh, and add way more anger. So, Arez lovers, we have your little angry brother. And again just like Arez, I am really not sure how long this formula is going to stay out there, so grab yours while you can. This pre workout retails for about $50, and can be found online at the Fitness Stacks website. Be sure to look for our hardcore pre workout deals before you purchase any of these.


Pre Stack Extreme Review

Warning - Hard Hitting Pre-Workout! | PRE STACK EXTREME Review



4) ASC El Jefe

ASC El Jefe Pre Workout

El Jefe is one of the most positive pre workouts experiences I have had. It is definitely a hardcore stim junkie pre workout, that hits you about 20 minutes into the workout. The pumps are incredible, and the energy boost is clean and really pleasant. It is not one of those crack energy pre workout. The power output is very apparent and you actually feel stronger for a good 1-2 hours, along with good mental focus, mood elevation and a general ‘buzzed’ feeling. Even though there is Alpha Yo in it, you don’t get the bad side effects of it. If you are one of those people that need the crazy crackhead energy boost, you should maybe try 2 full scoops (which I found to be too much for me and kinda ruined the positive feeling effect). El Jefe is similar to Juggernaut Nutrition WiLD and CHARGED AF in terms of the positive energy and mood elevation, but the pumps and power output are a lot better, and the overall experience is one of the best I’ve had to date and is definitely worthy of its place is this best 10 pre-workout supplements list. You can find this awesome pre workout on the ASC Supplements website.



5) Defiant Unleashed

defiant unleashed pre workout

At number 5 in our best pre-workout list, Defiant Unleashed provides a great surge of energy that creeps up on you and once it hits gives you a really nice burst of motivation. Considering the amount of caffeine in it (450 mg) and the other good stuff in the formula, it is surprisingly subtle. You don’t feel over-stimmed, but you do definitely feel motivated. I did feel quite focused, but not tunnel-vision focused. I would say the most prominent feeling here is the great motivation. The pumps are pretty mediocre, and the energy and focus kicks are as mentioned solid, however, Defiant Unleashed excelled the most for me in really good motivation. The motivational effects lasted for about 2-3 hours, and even though I expected to crash after it considering all the stimulants, it was actually a smooth transition to normal life after the gym. I didn’t have any bad side effects, there’s no Alpha Yohimbine here, there are no chills and no non-smooth transition out. Bare in mind this product is not on the cheap side, with 30 servings priced at $50 in retail stores and on the Defiant Unleashed website. Get the deals on this crazy motivational pre workout and others from MuscleForce here.


Our Defiant Unleashed Youtube Review

MuscleForce Defiant Unleashed Review | Best Pre Workout 2018 Contender?


6) Juggernaut WiLD

wild juggernaut

WiLD from Juggernaut Nutrition is one of these PWOs that gets you in the zone and makes you feel on top of your game and really elevated, so it is a really good experience. At number 2 in our best hardcore pre workout list, It is quite similar experience to AREZ with the really positive mood elevation. Although it is quite hardcore, this pre workout is all about mood elevation and not about being angry and raged. You’re just completely in the zone, and the experience is just amazing in my opinion. I would even dare to say it is probably better than Arez during the workout to some extent. You truly feel like nothing can ruin this mood elevation and good feeling. Even though the mood, energy & focus don’t last too long after the workout, during that one and a half hours it is definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had. You can buy the WiLD pre workout on the Juggernaut Nutrition website and you can definitely save money with the coupon we got for you.

LATEST Juggernaut Nutrition DEALS & COUPONS


7) Steel Supplements Charged AF

steel supplements charged af

I wasn’t sure at all what to expect from CHARGED AF in terms of experience, and overall I can say I liked it very much. I liked it more than AMPED AF, even though the latter hits you harder and gives you more sense of urgency, CHARGED AF provided a better experience for me. With the effects starting to hit about 25 minutes in (which is a bit strange for a stim-junkie pre workout) it was a really good experience in terms of mood elevation, being in the zone, energy boost, and a generally very smooth and pleasant mood and focus type pre workout experience. Pumps were OK, but if pumps are important to you then you should complement this with a pump formula. Generally speaking, this was a great experience that hits you very long into it and doesn’t fade away very fast. Best way to describe the experience would probably be a “buzzed” feeling – not too crazy, but just very pleasant and a good energy buzz. You can find it on the steel supplements site and a couple of other stores – so just make sure to compare prices.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Steel Supplements Charged-AF


8) Performax Labs HyperMax Extreme

Performax Labs HyperMax Extreme

I tried HyperMax Extreme on a day I was feeling a bit under the weather and wanted something to lift me up and not kill me with stims, and I really enjoyed the experience. Is it a stim junkie pre workout? Not really. But if you are looking for a good lasting energy rather than a kick in the butt energy boost like other stim junkie pre workouts, this is definitely for you and the reason it is in this top pre workout 2019 list. I also enjoyed the focus effect and mood elevation. The pumps were solid and the endurance was also very good. I continued using this Pre Workout for a while because I really liked the effects, and whenever I didn’t feel like going crazy with the stims this was a great option. One thing I can say is this doesn’t last too long like other pre workouts, but it does give you about 1-1.5 hours of good clean energy and nice mood elevation. Definitely a good option if you’re trying to take a break from the heavily stimmed pre workouts. You can find it on the Performax Labs website, and you should always compare prices to see if there’s a good deal on it.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Performax Labs HyperMax XT


9) Iron Obsession Hell Yea

Performax Labs HyperMax Extreme

Similar to Defiant Unleashed, I liked the experience of this pre workout. Although the mediocre pumps, the stim and energy package is absolutely great. The experience provided good energy, good mental focus and a great energy kick with an extra burn because of the Yohimbine HCL in this. I felt energized, in the zone and very intensely motivated. I wouldn’t say it is a hard-hitting pre workout, and not a stim junkie pre workout, but as far as focus, mood elevation and being in the zone it is as good as Defiant Unleashed plus a bit more of a burning energy. If what you’re looking for in an energy-based pre workout is a good kick of energy, focus and nice mood elevation that lasts quite long, it is definitely a good choice. You can find this great energy-boost pre workout on the company website.


Iron Obsession Hell Yea Review

SO Many Stims 🤯 | HELL YEA Pre Workout Review [Iron Obsession]


10) Olympus Labs I am suprem3

Although the super strong pumps, I AM SUPREM3 is not a hard hitting pre workout. It provides a very good clean energy and focus experience, and an overall good feeling. It is not a crazy mood elevation type of product, but it definitely provides a very pleasant clean energy experience and a nice focus element, on top of the amazing pumps. I actually tried it with added Beta Alanine (that it is lacking in) and I have to say the experience was better. If your aim is clean energy and good focus and you are not looking for rage or crazy mood elevation, this is definitely a great choice and a very pleasant experience. Take into consideration this is the exact same product as the Olympus Labs’ RE1GN. Be sure to compare prices before you make any decisions on this SUPREME pre workout.


Olympus Labs I am suprem3 Review

Olympus Labs I AM SUPREME Review | Stronger than RE1GN?


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