Best Eria Jarensis Pre Workout Supplements

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What is Eria Jarensis?

Eria Jarenis is an Orchid species local to South East Asia. The two active ingredients in Eria Jarensis are N-methyl-phenethylamine (N-methyl-PEA) and N,N-dimethyl-phenethylamine (N,N-dimethyl-PEA). While PEA is well known for its ability to significantly elevate mood,  the effects last for a very short time (less than 10 minutes usually). Eria Jarensis impact lasts much longer – in the hours range, which makes it a super potent energizer and mood enhancer. Eria Jarensis Extract is reported to give a euphoric sensation and enhancing concentration levels, alertness and focus. In addition,  Eria Jarensis Extract can help with appetite suppression, acting as a bronchodilator and reducing feelings of anxiety. Well, a perfect fit for pre-workouts and fat burners.

Why is it becoming the ‘go to’ stim?

Eria Jarensis started to appear in pre-workouts in late 2016 is now gaining, even more, popularity during 2017 and onwards. There are two main reasons for that:

  1. DMAA and AMP Citrate got banned by the FDA (though you can still buy products using DMAA). DMHA just got banned in Australia, and rumor has it the FDA is after it also. So Eria Jarenisis has the full stage to itself…
  2. It works perfectly and enhances the impact of other stims like caffeine, DMHA, J-Regia and others. So, you will usually find it combined with one of the above.

Eria Jarensis in Pre-Workouts

Though there is no well-researched recommended dosage, you will usually find between 125mg to 250mg of this ingredient in leading products. As mentioned before, you will see Eria Jarensis combined with other stimulants for a synergistic effect.

The best Eria Jarensis Pre Workouts (September 2017)


1. REDCON1 Total War

Launched in late 2016, Redcon1 introduced Total War (what an awesome name) as its first product. Beyond the marketing envelope, Total War by Redcon1 is a great product with a label to prove it. Bringing in 6g of Citrulline Malate, 3.2g of Beta-Alanine, 1g Taurine, and an advanced energy & focus blend with 250mg of caffeine, DMHA & Eria Jarenesis. With this combination on its side, Total War promises & delivers an excellent pump and some serious cognitive benefits. Total War delivers a smooth, constant flow of energy that lasts through your workout and beyond.



The newest comer on this list RE1GN by Olympus Labs is one of the hottest pre-workouts on the market. With a mix of Eria Jarensis, J-Regia, Caffeine, Stim-x, Teacrine to name a few, you can easily see why. The guys at Olympus Labs, are not playing games here. RE1GN is bringing in some super innovative ingredients to the table which should get you totally zoned at killing your workout. With literally ‘insane pumps’ and ‘laser focus, tunnel vision’ RE1GN is one of the best pre-workouts your money can buy right now.


3. SPARTA Nutrition KRAKEN

With 250mg of Eria Jarenesis, 200mg of DMHA and 200mg of Caffeine, Sparta Nutrition Kraken Pre-Workout is joining a very respectable group that is becoming increasingly competitive. It easily wins the ‘overdosed’ pre-workout award :). It is so fully loaded that you can easily go with 1/2 a serving (1 scoop) and get a killer workout, which in that case also puts it in a good place pricing wise. The bottom line is – If you train insane, add Kraken to your list of to go Pre-Workouts.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Sparta Nutrition Kraken


Iron Addicts - Sidewalk Kraka

Coming from CT Fletcher, one of the biggest fitness figure in the world today, Sidewalk kraka surprised everyone by bringing in one of the best formulas the industry has seen. Fully dosed and some may say overdosed in literally any category that matters. Each serving of brings in 300mg caffeine, 200mg Eria Jarensis, and 125mg DMHA. And more. Sidewalk KRAKA delivers and it is one of our top go-to pre-workout when looking for high energy and mood.


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Performax Labs HyperMax XT

HyperMax XT is a monster. Though it’s the only one on this list to bring in only caffeine on top of Eria Jarensis in the stim department, it is one of the most effective ones we tried. The mood enhancement is superb and on par with RE1GN (which says a lot!). Sometimes the label doesn’t tell the whole story and in this case, the 325mg of caffeine and the 200mg of Eria Jarenesis combined with the other ingredients simply work!

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