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blog-icon By FDN Posted on August 2, 2019

OK, here’s a spoiler alert! Dark energy pre workout made the TOP of my best DMAA pre-workout list, and to be clear, I haven’t yet met any pre-workout that can dethrone it!

Ok, now to the review – If you never heard of Magnitude Life Sciences, then, well, neither did I until I run into Dark Energy Pre Workout. If you want to get attention in the world of pre-workouts, then, you can go and do what these guys did and put both DMAA and DMHA on the label and see what happens! In this comprehensive Dark Energy Pre Workout review we will go through label, but more important than that, I will share with you my personal experience and what you should expect!

Dark Energy Pre-Workout Youtube Review

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The Label

Let’s drill down into the label to see what you can expect from the Magnitude Life Sciences Dark Energy pre-workout. BUT remember, labels are just labels, the experience is what matters. So if you want to know what that is – feel free to skip to that section!

Pumps: Not a lot to write home about here. 6G of citrulline malate is a good start but nothing fancy. The addition of taurine can help a bit, but not too much

Power & Endurance: Dark Energy comes with Beta Alanine at 3.2g which is going to get you those tingles that we like so much in a pre workout.

Energy & Focus: Let’s get to the interesting part, the STIMULANTS. There is a solid formula of stims in this pre workout, with 400mg caffeine 200mg of DMHA and 60mg of, the now banned, DMAA – add to that 50mg of GABA & DMAE at 750mg and you’ve got yourself on paper a promising label.

Dark Energy Pre-Workout Experience

Flavor: I tried the Bombsicle flavor & well, its ok…but this is a stim junkie pre-workout, so you shouldn’t really care!

Well people, let me tell you something, this pre workout feels amazing. Great clean productive energy and great focus. But more than anything else, the mood elevation and feeling of wellness and euphoria is the strongest I had since the JACK3D or APS Mesomorph or yes, I dare to say it CRAZE! You can expect this feeling to last for about 2-3 hours, well into your workout session and I haven’t had any side effects or any other issues. Clean, focused, HAPPY workouts!

Final Verdict

Well, if it wasn’t clear until now, DARK Energy pre workout is one of the best pre-workouts I have tried in quite some time, and there’s just no way you will not enjoy the experience here. One thing you should keep in mind is to not overuse it! Now, why are you still here?! I suggest you go and get yourself some while it is still available.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Magnitude Life Sciences DARK ENERGY Pre-Workout Coupon

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