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El Jefe Pre Workout Review ASC supplements is another one of those small companies that I love to review because they really give it their ALL in every aspect. From the amazing design and branding, to the actual formula and product quality. El Jefe is definitely one of those products and has one of the best looking labels out there. In this El Jefe Pre Workout Review, we are going to be talking about everything you need to know. From the flavor, to the label, and so on. Without further ado, let the review begin! Where can I buy El Jefe Pre
Posted February 20, 2022
Assassin V7 Pre Workout Review Assassin Pre Workout v7 by Apollon Nutrition is finally here. Listen people, Assassin is one of the most anticipated reviews we have ever had here on the channel. And that is mainly because of the loaded label. This pre workout will test even the greatest of stim junkies. In this review, we are going to go through the label, flavor, and more. Whether you should care or should not care about Assassin. It is all soon to come. Then I will share with you my personal experience using the Assassin Pre Workout. There's a reason it is
Posted September 6, 2021
Defiant Shredded Review Muscle Force is one of the most popular companies on our site. Their products star in all of our 'BEST' lists, including Vanquish Hardcore for fat burners, Grind for nootropics and obviously Defiant Unleashed for Pre-Workouts. Quality formulas, solid packaging and good value for money. That's why when the company announced the 2 in 1 punch of Defiant Unleashed Shredded, I was looking forward to giving it a go! In this Defiant Unleashed Shredded Pre Workout Review, we will go over everything from the experience, label, flavor, and more! Where to buy Muscle Force Defiant Shredded The best deal we could
Posted July 18, 2021
After steel supplements hard-af review and AMPED AF comes CHARGED AF, the second pre-workout from Steel Supplements (with HARD AF being a whole other type of “pre workout”). This company is well known for its hardcore line of supplements, so you know you should generally expect their pre workouts to hit you hard or at least have some additional benefits to other high stim pre-workouts. You might have noticed it is quite difficult to understand the differences between the two pre workouts  - AMPED AF and CHARGED AF by searching it online, so let’s dive in to charged af pre-workout
Posted August 25, 2020
Coming from Iron Obsession supplements, the company who brought you the oh-so-loaded pre workout HELL YEA that is well deserving of its place in our Best Hardcore Pre Workout Supplement for 2019, OH YEAH is a stim-free pump formula. I know a lot of you love and care about pumps, and I also know for a fact a lot of the stim-heavy pre workouts out there really lack in their pumps formulas. So for those of you who like and care about the pumps, this is the product to compliment those pre workouts. Let’s start with the Iron Obsession OH
Posted April 28, 2019
Redcon1 needs no introduction, the company that stormed the supplements world with their Total War Pre Workout is bringing you their latest RTD form of Total War, which is supposed to compliment the powder form. Redcon1 has some of the best supplements in the market and I reviewed a few you should definitely check out like REDCON1 BOOM STICK Review, Redcon1 RPG Review and RedCon1 MRE Review. The idea behind the Total War RTD is having these around at gym fridges, and lord knows we need a positive, refreshing change in these fridges (ABB speed shot doesn’t cut it anymore!),
Posted January 29, 2019
Omega Sanktion, the first pre workout from the young company Alpha Phlyte, has one of those labels I instantly liked. You can immediately see they made this pre workout for us stim-junkies and they know what we like. [product_store_btn id='11444']   Alpha Phlyte OMEGA SANKTION Youtube Review:   OMEGA SANKTION LABEL This is not one of those labels that has a million ingredients or so many stims you start feeling jittery just from looking at it. It is quite a simple label, but as you will read later on - an effective one. So let’s dive into our Omgea Sanktion Pre-workout Review. PUMPS Very simple, maybe
Posted January 17, 2019
Steel Supplements is doing really well with basically 2 family of products - prohormones products (which I personally don’t use), and the regular gym-junkie bodybuilding line of supplements. They have 2 pre workout supplements, CHARGED AF and AMPED AF, which are quite similar, but the latter is supposed to be the stim-junkie one. As far as the label goes, this is a semi proprietary label. I do not like proprietary labels at all but from a quick look at it, it seems like a very unique combination of ingredients. The open label part is very short and lays out Vitamin
Posted January 15, 2019
Rage nutrition, a small company from Texas, really brought it with this product. Just from a quick look at the Rage Nutrition Immortal Pre Workout label you notice these guys DO NOT mess around. They have put literally everything they got into this PWO, and truly try to outbeat the competition in this crowded market. The crazy label is long and packed with everything you can basically put in a pre workout. So let’s dive into the label. [product_store_btn id='11421'] Our Rage Nutrition Immortal Youtube Review:   The label for dummies Pumps 4g of L-Citruline that I personally do not like by itself, but they added
Posted January 13, 2019

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