Cellucor : COR-Performance Casein

Cellucor : COR-Performance Casein

Brand : CellucorProduct Categories : Casein Protein
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Cellucor : COR-Performance Casein

Cor-Performance Casein

Cellucor knows what you need at the COR of your diet; healthy, balanced macros supported by the supplements you’ve come to know and love. Cor-Performance Casein assists you on your journey to the body you are working so hard to maintain. Supplying a well rounded 25g of slow digesting, muscle building protein, this delicious formula will become a staple in your long term diet.*

  • 25g Slow Digesting Casein!*
  • 30 Servings Per Container
  • Perfect for Supplying Overnight Protein!*

  • 2.6 Lbs

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