Controlled Labs : RAZdiponectin

Controlled Labs : RAZdiponectin

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Controlled Labs : RAZdiponectin

Controlled Labs is proud to introduce our newest addition to the Elements Line of basic, high quality and potent supplements: RAZdiponectin. RAZdiponectin is quite simply pure and potent Raspberry Ketones in an effective 250mg dose per capsule.*

  • Pure and Potent Raspberry Ketones*
  • Adiponectin Management*
  • Natural Weight Management*
  • No Artificial Colors
  • GRAS Status

Raspberry ketones have been shown in a clinical setting to positively affect the adiponectin levels in mice. Adiponectin is a recently discovered wonder hormone that is responsible for many of the human body’s protective mechanisms. It helps regulate blood sugar, triglycerides, blood pressure and the body’s inflammatory response, just to name a few. Low levels of adiponectin can contribute to high levels of abdominal fat, and many of the diseases that are attributed to it, including type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular issues. Other factors that can contribute to increased levels of adiponectin include regular exercise.*

Raspberry ketones and exercise make an excellent combination for adiponectin management. These, coupled with a good diet, are sure to make your weight loss goals a reality. When selecting a Raspberry ketone product, one should always be certain to pick a quality and potent source: a combination found in Controlled Labs’ RAZdiponectin!*


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