FitMiss : Z-Slim PM

FitMiss : Z-Slim PM

Brand : FitMissProduct Categories : Vitamins & More
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FitMiss : Z-Slim PM


At FitMiss we know that healthy sleep habitsare essential for overall physical and mentalhealth. The ingredients in Z-Slim PMsupplement the body with a wide array ofcomponents that may support nighttimemetabolism, enhance quality of sleep as well aslevels of sleep and diminish recovery time.* Feelrefreshed, recovered and ready to go the nextday. *

ZINC: has a broad range of physiologic andmetabolic benefits, including to help boost theimmune system during sleep. Increase performanceand strength. Support reproductive health.*

MAGNESIUM: helps create eye, hair and skinpigmentation. Used for Iron utilization andcarbohydrate metabolism for energy. Powerfulantioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.Third most common trace mineral in the human body.*

MELATONINE: aids sleep and wake cycles,enhances sleep, strengthens immune systemand fights inflammation.*

5HTP: is converted into serotonin by our bodies,which improves mood, suppresses hunger andcurbs weight gain.*

VALERIAN ROOT: assists with anxiolysis andenhances quality of sleep. Some argue it is oneof the best natural insomnia therapies.es hunger andcurbs weight gain.*

CHROMIUM PICOLINATE: helps with weight lossthrough enhanced carbohydrate and lipidmetabolism.*

  • 60 Capsules

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