Dark Labs CRACK Review | Best DMAA Pre-Workout 2020?

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Dark Labs CRACK Review [DMAA Pre Workout]

Well, this has to be one of the most anticipated reviews of 2020! Dark Labs CRACK created quite a buzz around it with a label that takes no prisoners! 120MG of DMAA and a bunch of other stuff that is supposed to take your workout to another planet. As always, we took this baby for a ride, and in this Dark Labs Crack Review we find out for  ourselves if the pre workout lives up to the promise!


Dark Labs Crack Review



The Label & The Promise

Dark Labs Crack Review

For pre workout that focuses on the DMAA claim the label is surprisingly full with pump ingredients! That is great to see. But the highlight of the show here, is the stim package which brings in 400mg of caffeine and a bunch of other nootropics, but the highlight  of the show is not doubt the 120MG of dmaa. If this is real DMAA, this is the strongest DMAA pre workout in the market. But we have to place a disclaimer here, it is not that easy to find real DMAA anymore! But here’s what really matters, how does it actually work!


Dark Labs Crack flavor Review

Yes, flavor is not the most important thing with a pre workout with such a label, but we do want to make sure it is not totally disgusting and luckily for you and me, the flavor on Dark Labs CRACK pre workout is actually awesome!

Experience & Final Verdict

Well, with a label like this you would expect big things! And big things are actually delivered. This is (on 2 scoops) a full blow stim junkie hardcore experience though interestingly it does take about 30m to reach full lift off (the beta alanine will hit you after 10m though), once it hits, CRACK delivers on the promise of intense pumps, mood elevation (not happy or angry, but productive tunnel vision focus) and energy that will stay with you for 4-5 hours. This is certainly a great high stim experience and if focus is on your agenda, it is very hard to go wrong with Dark Labs Crack and it deserves a spot on our best DMAA pre workout list!


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