Pro Supps : VEXXUM

Pro Supps : VEXXUM

Brand : Pro SuppsProduct Categories : Fat Burners
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Pro Supps : VEXXUM

Thermogenic Metabolizer

ProSupps’ new fat burning miracle is now here with Vexxum. This truly one capsule serving thermogenic will prime your body for optimal weight loss. By combining the same powerful three-stage caffeine blend that is found in ProSupps’ infamous Mr. Hyde Pre-Workout with both mood support and appetite control ingredients, they have managed to produce an all-around fat shredding pill.*

The combination of trademarked ingredients such as TeaCrine Theacrine and Cocoabuteral Cocoa Seed Extract with other caffeine sources will provide your body with endless energy and fat melting potential for the whole day with just the one pill dose.*

  • Intense, Ultra-Concentrated Thermogenic Metabolizer*
  • Appetite Control and Mood Support*
  • Three State Caffeine Blend for Long Lasting Energy*
  • Features TeaCrine and Cocoabuterol
  • True One Cap Daily Dose

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vexxum safe to be taken with coffee?

Vexxum should not be taken within 4-5 hours of any other stimulants or caffeinated products.

Can Vexxum be used on an empty stomach?

Vexxum should only be used on an empty stomach after assessing tolerance.

  • 45 Capsules

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