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Assassin Pre Workout V6 Review + Best Deal

Last Updated on December 2020

The Assassin Pre Workout by Apollon Nutrition is finally here. Listen people, Assassin is one of the most anticipated reviews we have ever had here on the channel. And that is mainly because of the loaded label. This pre workout will test even the greatest of stim junkies.

In this review, we are going to go through the label, flavor, and more. Whether you should care or should not care about Assassin. It is all soon to come. Then I will share with you my personal experience using the Assassin Pre Workout. There’s a reason it is on the TOP of our strongest pre workout list for 2020.

Where can I buy Assassin Pre Workout?

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Full Assassin Pre Workout Review on YouTube

It's GAME OVER | Assassin Pre Workout Review | (V6 by Anarchy Labs)

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Assassin Pre Workout Experience


Regarding the flavor, I had the Pineapple Mango and it is actually a decent flavor. It is not amazing, but for what you are getting as far as to the label, it is definitely tolerable. Slightly better than Assassin V5.

The Experience

First thing’s first, this thing HITS. And I mean hits. Within the first 5 to 10 minutes you almost fully feel the effects of Assassin. The energy this pre workout gives you is simply unrivaled. Strictly from an intensity perspective, I have never experienced anything like it.

Although, one of the more important things I got from Assassin V6 was the laser focus. If you thought the last generation Assassin was good, wait until you try this one. You are completely in the zone. For example, if someone tries to talk to you, you are not even going to acknowledge their existence.

The endurance is also in line with last generation Assassin which was amazing. Pumps were just okay, but I was not really expecting much in that category.

Something that did surprise me during my workout was the angriness that Assassin gave me. After taking Assassin V5, I expected a relatively ‘happy’ pre workout. But oh boy was I mistaken. Let’s just say if you like aggressive pre workouts, this is the one for you.

After the gym you could still feel the effects of Assassin. I still had that angry feeling for the next couple hours, but I also had that focus which is extremely useful if you are trying to get something done.

I will say, regarding that ‘angry feeling’, that was from my experience. There were a couple of friends that told me that they actually experienced the opposite. Maybe not joyful, but definitely not angry. So you can definitely end up going through something different than me.


  • Hardest-hitting Pre Workout out there
  • Laser Focus
  • All Day Energy


  • Not for beginners (Full Serving might be too much even for experienced users)
  • Flavor is mediocre at best

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The Ingredient Label of Assassin

Assassin is a fully dosed pre workout that most people will only need 1/2 a scoop to 1 scoop of. Without any infamous stimulants like DMAA or DHMA, Assassin still has several ingredients that will help you have the best workout of your life!

What is in Assassin Pre Workout?

L-Citrulline (4 g)

L-Citrulline provides pumps and muscularity in a pre workout, which are solid in Assassin.

Beta-Alanine (3.5 g)

The 3.5 grams of Beta-Alanine is going to give you that tingling sensation. A buzz that pushes you throughout the workout. Not to mention, it can also oftentimes help with endurance.

L-Tyrosine ( 1.5 g)

Then you have L-Tyrosine is there to oppose the crash you would get from the large amount of caffeine Assassin has. It can also have some beneficial cognitive effects.

Agmatine (1 g)

Agmatine will enhance your muscularity as well as give you those pumps.

Lion’s Mane (1 g)

This is one you do not see often. It’s really unknown the effects it has in a pre workout, but generally, Lion’s Mane is going to help with your focus and other cognitive aspects of your workout.

DMAE  (750 mg)

A lot of cognitive-related ingredients in Assassin. DMAE will help prevent any cerebral side effects that a pre workout would bring on.

Caffeine Anhydrous (500 mg)

Just what we needed, yet another ingredient that will give you that energy throughout your workout and get that buzz going. This is the same amount as last generation’s assassin.

Hordenine (50 mg)

Supports mood elevation and gives you that energy boost that we love to see in a pre workout.

Isopropylnorsynephrine (60 mg)

Paired with Hordenine, Isopropylnorsynephrine will add on to that drive you are going to get from Assassin.

B-Phenethylamine aka PEA (500 mg)

PEA will help with mood elevation and overall ‘staying in the zone.’ This is quite significantly the most PEA I have ever seen in a pre workout, which only adds to Assassin’s intensity.

N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine aka Eria Jarensis (300 mg)

Another ingredient that is going to help with mood elevation. Eria Jarensis is also going to help you get ‘locked in’ during your workouts.

Theacrine (120 mg)

Theacrine is another ingredient that will help prevent any significant crash or side effects to your mood during or after your workout. At 120 mg, it should do the job for most people.

Grape Seed Extract (300 mg)

Rich in antioxidants, Grape Seed Extract can reduce your blood pressure and improve blood flow to keep you at your peak. Also there for added pumps.

Di-Caffeine Malate (100 mg)

All in all, Assassin has 600 mg of caffeine. Which if you did not know, is quite unheard of. I can say confidently that the label translates to real life. The experience with Assassin was a pure energy accelerator that gives you complete focus for the next couple of hours.

Bioperine (5 mg)

Bioperine, or black pepper extract, will help sort of cleanse your body from all of the not so good things in the Assassin Pre Workout.

Rauwolscine aka Alpha Yohimbine (2.5 mg)

Lastly, there is Alpha Yo. Alpha Yohimbine is an extremely strong stimulant. And at 2.5 mg for 1 scoop, Assassin is definitely on the higher end. This is why I recommend using 1/2 a scoop. And if you are a beginner, do not use it at all.

Final Verdict

Assassin Pre-Workout Review

The bottom line - I would say, clearly this is not the pre-workout I would take every day. I think this even for me this would be a bit too much to take it every day, too many stimulants - I'm gonna burn down my adrenal gland. It's just too much shit right and I don't necessarily want to keep crazy spider an alert for seven hours every day. So I would say this is definitely a one that you either take like half a scoop and then you just have like your normal stim junkie pre-workout from quantities perspective because really half a scoop of this is three hundred mg of caffeine. You have 150 milligrams of the DMHA, 150 Eria J and Synephrine at 30mg, literally, this is on par with the regular steam junkie pre-workout. But if you're one of these people that want to Mort some in some cases or you can take this or you don't feel the other stuff this is where assassin comes in. It's not that more equals better for the hour an hour and a half whatever that the other pre-workouts are really good this is gonna be as good it's not better than Arez titanium or wild or oh yeah or whatever in the hour and a half for your workout. It just keeps on for seven hours that's the difference and for some of you that just don't feel the other stuff, this is the one.

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