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Yeah, the much-anticipated assassin pre-workout by Apollon Nutrition with their sub-brand Anarchy Labs. Listen, people, I don’t think I had on the channel any Pre workout which had so much anticipation for the review and mostly because the label on this thing is by far the craziest label we’ve ever seen a pre-workout. This Pre Workout tests the definition of a stim junkie.

I’m gonna take you through the label here and I’m going to tell you what’s in it and why you should care, this product is not just a bunch of stims! Then, I’m gonna share with you my personal experience using this one, And then I’ll give you my final verdict who is this really and should you buy it. There’s a reason it is on the TOP of our strongest pre workout list for 2020

COMPARE PRICES FOR Apollon Nutrition Assassin Preworkout

The Company & Product:

Apollon Nutrition – I reviewed a couple of their products here including the Hooligan pre-workout which with 700 milligrams of caffeine was really one of the strongest pre-workouts out there.


Assassin V6 ultimate pre-workout let me take you to the label here and sit down please promise me you’re sitting down and also promise me we’re not gonna judge as I go the label here what is this craziness for just wait for my experience and my actual verdict at the end of the review. So let’s go it is 20 servings in this thing each serving has and I’m gonna go through like the pumps and in doing this first and then I’m gonna talk to you about the actual thing these things. So you get LC training at 4 grams, there you go admitting at 1 gram so already you have a super solid pump formula so even though this is totally a stim junkie pre-workout you don’t need a prompt solution together with it you’re gonna get 4 grams 4 grams of L-citrulline one gram of admitting. You have Beta Alanine at 3.2mg –  tingling and some muscle endurance and now we’re getting into this huge freaking list of ingredients for stimulation and money and focus and mood and the amounts, the amounts are gonna blow your head off. so I’m gonna put the label here. Lets start with caffeine 500 – milligrams on top of that we have also D caffeine malate at 100 milligrams so that’s gonna yield around 75 milligrams of caffeine so about 575 milligrams of caffeine with immediate it we did on anhydrous led caffeine malate gives you that you know prolonged effect. Anyway is a lot of caffeine but this is not even where it starts DMHA 300 milligrams 300, I think the most I’ve ever seen was 225, 300 milligrams of DMHA on top of the almost 600 milligrams of caffeine. 300 milligrams of Eria Jarenesis that’s gonna help with focus with mood elevation together with the DMHA and the caffeine that is a lot of stuff. Then you have Theacrine at 125 milligrams again that’s gonna help you that’s like think about like caffeine with a prolonged effect. Okay when you get weightless used to it you develop less tolerance. Then you have Higenamine which is another stimulant at 75 milligrams and then you have Synephrine at 65 freak in milligrams, I think the most I’ve seen was 40 milligrams, 65 milligrams. And then you get Yohimbine not alpha yo so chill it’s not gonna kill it’s not the side effects for the side effects Yohimbine for 4 min ago so that’s gonna help with Genesis and just that feeling of stimulation.

Anyway if I go through this through this craziness 600 almost 600 million hours of caffeine then you get the tea apron then you get 300 milligrams of DMHA, 300 milligrams of variety Renesys. Oh my god Higenamine, Synephrine, Yohimbine,this has to be I mean if guys comment below if you’ve seen anything more loaded than this. I did see by the way I can tell you already don’t talk to me about the King pre-workout all that bullshit this is bullshit labels it doesn’t have what it says on the label in. It if you’ve seen any actual real products from a real respectable company that has so much shit in it complete the pillow. Anyway, obviously this is craziness so you have to ask yourself what is this for who is this for right what is this how is this gonna be different it’s more equals better.


And yeah let’s start with the flavor so the flavor I had is the pineapple mango and it is an actually ok flavor. It is not amazing but for what you are getting as far as to the label – it is totally tolerable.


Let me take you to my experience first and then I’m gonna share with you my verdict as far as the as far as who is it who is this for and how I would use this and how I’m acting using it. Let’s talk about the experience so listen guys I try this for the first time with after school because even though I’m a stink junkie and I double scooped errors and I can do shit right. Still like I look at the label here saying oh my gosh this is a lot right. So I took half scoop and this was as far as an experience as on a half scoop from a stimulation focus energy please as good as an experience as any of the top rated pre-workouts out there, like so if you like errors, if you like wild, if you like pre-stack, if you like oh yeah if you like galvanize so this would give you the same on the half scoop I’m talking a half scoop from a focus perspective, from a mood elevation perspective, from an intensity perspective you would get a very similar experience on half scoop. You will get of the tingling which to me is annoying so half scoop of this for me like really misses half like 1.6 grams of Beta-Alanine and you definitely get less of the pumps. So you get the super stimulation if effect but with less of the other stuff.

Anyway, let’s talk about the full scoop because you guys are here for the full scoop so I did take full scoop. Let me tell you tell you guys up front some of you guys might not be able to take it on foods good. Yeah it’s not for you if you guys like if one full scoop of areas or wild or pre-stack blows your hand off you start feeling bad then one full scoop of this is gonna be way too much for you guys. If you tried hooligan by Apollo Nutrition and it was too much for you then this is too much for you. This is really designed full scoop designed for people who can take the amount of stimulants here that’s for sure like if you’re I know a lot of people that over two hundred milligrams of DMHA is just getting headaches and stuff like that. So first things first make sure that you’re able to take all that stuff. I can take it I’ve went with other pre-workouts I drank two cans of bang straight right that’s 600 milligrams of caffeine, if you can go for it. So as far as the experience on full scoop so listen guys here’s where here’s where it’s really interesting when you look at like all these changes now is this is gonna be better. First things first if you’re one of these people like myself that a lot of these steam junkie pre workouts the traditional was it’s cold in now like the like I mentioned the air is the wall whatever there you love the experience they feel really good but it’s fades off for you relatively fast like take 45 minutes 60 minutes into it, it just fades out and I’ve get I get messages like that and I know for me it’s about the same like I feel really good that I’m in the zone and then it just starts fading away really fast I miss my workout is like an hour and a half because I do Carly or whatever I miss that effect.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Apollon Nutrition Assassin Preworkout

If you’re one of these people and obviously you’re still your skin want your tolerance to stimulant is very high and this is this is really where anarchy labs assassin would come in what you would get on a full scoop is really interesting. On the full scoop you won’t feel way stronger like the experience won’t be two times as strong as with half the scoop. No it’s not it actually is very close to half a scoop but listen to this this shit will keep you wired for six hours seriously and I’ve tried this four times like this will keep you wired forever. So if you like the stimulant effect you want to be in the zone you want to care you know you want just want to go at it really hard but you’re one of these people that it fades away too fast for you people I took this at 4 a.m. because I work out and I think to this facet by the way. So yeah one full scoop of this shit faster which I don’t recommend to a lot of you guys right. Full scoop fasted I take it I’m in the gym for an hour and a half I’m like totally in the zone and focused intensity all this stuff you like from DMHA pre-workouts.

I met one of my friends 7 hours after I was still freaking wired, wired and I’m not talking buzz I’m talking wire you know like that spider-man feeling where everything is in slow motion because you’re just wired you’re alert seven freaking hours. So here’s what I would say if you’re training like me like it’s a six seven pm that’s gonna be very hard unless your tolerance is even higher than mine. If you’re one of these people though that are looking for the steam junkie effect, you’ll love this thing junkie effect but the regular stuff just fades out a bit too fast for you and you want something that would keep you alert and like in the zone for a long period of time. This is the one for you people I just don’t know anything else that can keep up for so freaking long and I’m talking everything like the intensity, the focus, the feeling of stimulation the alertness is just sick the alertness your Uptown spider-man shit alertness.

Final Verdict

Assassin Pre-Workout Review

The bottom line - I would say, clearly this is not the pre-workout I would take every day. I think this even for me this would be a bit too much to take it every day, too many stimulants - I'm gonna burn down my adrenal gland. It's just too much shit right and I don't necessarily want to keep crazy spider an alert for seven hours every day. So I would say this is definitely a one that you either take like half a scoop and then you just have like your normal stim junkie pre-workout from quantities perspective because really half a scoop of this is three hundred mg of caffeine. You have 150 milligrams of the DMHA, 150 Eria J and Synephrine at 30mg, literally, this is on par with the regular steam junkie pre-workout. But if you're one of these people that want to Mort some in some cases or you can take this or you don't feel the other stuff this is where assassin comes in. It's not that more equals better for the hour an hour and a half whatever that the other pre-workouts are really good this is gonna be as good it's not better than Arez titanium or wild or oh yeah or whatever in the hour and a half for your workout. It just keeps on for seven hours that's the difference and for some of you that just don't feel the other stuff, this is the one.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Apollon Nutrition Assassin Preworkout

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