Home Made Protein Coffee Creamer!

blog-icon By TJ Posted on July 17, 2017

What’s in your coffee Creamer?

Who doesn’t like coffee? Who doesn’t like a good creamer? The problem is that if you are trying to watch what you are eating, then just take a quick look at what your coffee creamers are made of. Yeah, a bunch of crap. Granted they taste well, but they come with a price.



20g Protein in Your Coffee?

What if you could have it all? What if you could have an amazing coffee creamer while adding 20g of protein to your coffee? Yes, you heard it right! 20g protein to your coffee. Well, our friend Chris Oltman made this magic happen, and believe it or not it only takes 10 seconds. Want to know how? Well watch his video here.

Will This Work With Any Protein?

Well, you’ll have to ask Chris 🙂 but to be honest I have tried it with a couple of other flavors and brands and it didn’t work that well…So personally I’ll stick with the winner here (which is also one of our top 10 best tasting proteins and our no.1 tasting MYPPROTEIN Impact Whey Flavor.



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