Inspired Nutra - DVST8 Crimson Pre Workout Review

blog-icon By TJ Posted on February 14, 2017

DVST8 Crimson Pre Workout


The first Pre Workout from Inspired Nutra DVST8 White Cuts got a lot of attention when it was ranked very high on several leading blogs including ours where it is still ranked as a top 10 Pre Workout.

Yet, it did come with some serious drawback, mostly when it comes to value for money (40 servings at around $50). Crimson is coming to fix that, with 25 servings at the $35 price point and a promise of a single shot Pre Workout.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Inspired Nutraceuticals DVST8 Crimson

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DVST8 Crimson Supplement Facts

First thing you’ll notice, that Inspired Nutra decided to give up the full disclosure label with Crimson, which is a shame. 3 proprietary blends make up the label so, without actual dosages we will have to settle for the ingredients promise only without the actual quantity.

 Key Ingredients & DosageOur Take
Caffeine Matrix Energy & ThermogenicsCaffeine
Caffeine Citrate
Dicaffeine Malate
Total 400mg
400mg per serving, yep. You shouldn’t go more than one scoop. Also what you’ll find here is a mix of caffeine sources which should keep you going for a long time and prevent a ‘crash’.
Maximum Effort Blend (Pump, Endurance & Strength)L-Citrulline 5:1
Betaine Anhydrous
Total 8g
It is clear from the total dosage of this blend that you can rest assure all the ingredients are full dosages & this baby should keep you pumped. With L-Citrulline being the 5:1 version this is as close as we’ve seen to pure L-Citrulline. Interestingly there’s no Beta Alanine in this blend, so sorry no tingling 🙂
CRMSN 8493 Focus & Mood (Nootropics)Choline Bitrate, Beet Root Powder, L Glycine, DMHA, Citrus Aurantium, Hordenine Hydrochloride, Huperzine Wow, this is where Inspired Nutra went ‘balls to the wall’ we felt the focus coming just by reading the label. This blend reads like a prescription you’ll give someone suffering from ADHD to get him to focus!

The Label’s Bottom Line-  Honestly, this label got us excited. We are huge Nootropics funs, and being in the zone is one of the most important criteria for us when we train. For us, it is more important than any other aspect of a pre workout. Inspired Nutra went all the way on this aspect without really compromising any other element of a complete pre workout.



Taste & Mixability – We tried the Pineapple Express, which tasted great and mixed even better. So no complains on this front.

Effectiveness –  Bless the gods of focus! Oh My God! I wish I could show you the tunnel vision and focus I got on this. All the crap that’s on my mind went away and I could feel like Rob Bailey and the hustle standard are performing their “I am a beast” in my home gym. As far as energy and pump, then Crimson leaves to its label promise also, and i got a smooth consistent energy out of it and didn’t really experience any crush. On a downside, I did miss the beta alanine tingling, but I guess this is just a psychological thing, because I didn’t really miss the actual endurance enhancing promise of Beta Alanine. Crimson kept me going & going.



Crimson launches at $35 for a 25 serving tub. This puts it right in the middle of the pricing range for fully dosed, complete pre workouts such as APS Mesomorph, Redcon1 Total War & C4 Ultimate. The product just launched and we already started hunting deals on this baby. If you haven’t already,  sign up to our deal alerts & we promise to let you know when we hunt a deal on anything a fitness buff needs. In the meantime you can always compare prices from the web’s leading stores and make sure you get the best deal out there.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Inspired Nutraceuticals DVST8 Crimson


We love what Inspired Nutra did with Crimson. We liked White Cuts but it was very hard to justify the price tag. Crimson comes at the right price point, and is offering something different and we will go all the way and say, that as far as a nootropic (focus) enhanced pre workout, this is probably one of the best we’ve seen so far!



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