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ISYMFS…well, if you don’t know what this acronym stands for, you should check if you haven’t been sleeping in the last 2 years. The 2 years where CT Fletcher, the Superman from Compton, blasted into the fitness celebrity stratosphere and became one of the most famous fitness figures in history. And just in case, you didn’t know, ‘IRON ADDICTS’ is CT’s umbrella brand for his Gym franchise, apparel, videos and now his supplement line. Also worth mentioning that CT’s name did appear on a pre workout created by iSatori (ISYMFS) but this one here, is CT’s own baby.

Iron Addicts - Sidewalk Kraka


living to his hardcore ‘straight outta Compton’ brand, CT brings a Pre Workout that could only be named by him…’Sidewalk Kraka’. If you know CT and you didn’t chuckle and said “damn this is funny’ then you have no soul.


OK! Now to the product itself, Iron Addicts is not playing any games here. As you’ll see from the label, this is a hardcore, fully dosed Pre Workout, designed to play with the best out there.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Iron Addicts Sidewalk Kraka



Iron Addicts - Sidewalk Kraka label

Each tub contains 30 servings of 8.77g each. 30 serving is on the high side of fully dosed PWOs (e.g. 20 for C4 Ultimate, Pre JYM, Pre Kaged). But with these 20 serv animals’, each serving is over 15 grams. So Sidewalk Kraka is on the smaller ‘scoop’ size. So you are wondering if its ‘under dosed’. Well let me tell you something…NO its not.

 Key Ingredients & DosageOur Take
Energy & ThermogenicsCaffeine Anhydrous - 300mg
Eria Jarensis Extract - 200mg
DMHA - 125mg
Teacrine - 50mg
Whoa...if this reads like the all star team of stimulants, it's because it is! Almost 600mg of the best out there. The combination of the caffeine with Tracrine (Think caffeine without the tolerance you developed to it) and add to that a hefty dose of DMHA and 200mg of N-Phenyldimethylamine (Eria J) and you have a mix that’s hard to beat.
Endurance & PerformanceBeta Alanine - 3.2g
Choline Bitrate - 500mg
An overdose of 3.2g of Beta Alanine seems to be the number for the designer Pre Workout players. And Sidewalk Kraka joins the party. Worth mentioning though, this is not the patented Carnosyn form you’ll find on C4 Ultimate snf others.

500mg of Choline, is just under the clinical dose of 600mg but way above most of the competitors.
PumpAgmatine Sulfate - 1g
HydroMax - 1g
One thing you want find here is Citrulline, which has become the baby of PUMPs. Well, I have to say that the combination of Agmatine and Hydromax, both at clinical dosages should do the work better than even 4g of Citrulline. Personally we respond better to these. So expect pumps...
Focus & MoodTheobromine 100mg
Rauwolfia Vomitoria 2mg
Theobromine is made of cocoa extract and at 100mg should have a good impact on mood (think about the feeling after eating chocolate…). And when you add to it the mood enhancing stims above you should feel happy.

Rauwolfia is one of the strongest thermogenics & mood enhancers that’s still legal. But at 2mg its going to have a hard time showing its abilities.

The Label’s Bottom Line- Well, now we get where the name Sidewalk Kraka comes from. It’s going to be very hard to find any fault in the stim blend CT brought here (literally the only thing it doesn’t have is DMAA but it has everything else and a lot of it). And the pump formula looks as solid as it can be. So suffice to say, we couldn’t wait to actually try it!




Taste & Mixability – Sidewalk Kraka is available in 3 flavors (time of launch). We tried the carefully named Blue ‘Mothaf** Raspberry’ & ‘MOFO Watermelon’. Anyway, beyond the brilliant names there’s not much more. We didn’t really like the Blue Raspberry one and the watermelon was ok. Not that we need our PWO to be a treat, we do want it to taste ok. So we would recommend go with watermelon (the 3’rd flavor is Fruit Punch, which we are just done with as a flavor all together!)


Effectiveness – Yes, It is still your MOFO Set! The stimulant blend here works. It kicks in really fast and we actually got a second kick about 30m into the workout which was great. Mood & focus were on point. Pumps are solid. Nothing too crazy but just what you would expect from a fully dosed pre workout.




The retail price for 30 servings is $39.99, on par with the rest of the designer pre workouts out there. Yet with 30 servings you could argue it offers a better value for money compared with Pre Jym and C4 Ultimate. And frankly also compared with the 30 serving Total War by RedCon1 which at least based on the label Sidewalk Kraka beats.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Iron Addicts Sidewalk Kraka



Can you hear CT’s telling you to take his MOFO Pre Workout and stop complaining about the taste of the blue raspberry cause you should be caring about commanding your muscle to grow and the Sidewalk Kraka has in it everything you need to kill your workout? Well listen to CT!…his voice is (not) one of the reasons that SIDEWALK KRAKA has made our TOP 10 Pre Workout list!





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