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MAN Sports have gone all out on their promise to deliver the most exciting pre workout of the year. This pre workout is designed to give you a lot of energy, a huge pump, and the endurance you need to work out at a high level. They also offer complete label transparency and a large amount of very effective well-dosed ingredients.




Man Sports BLOCKBUSTER Label


 Key Ingredients & DosageOur Take
Niacin, Vitamin B12, Calcium, Sodium, PotassiumThese ingredients are the standard additives that all supplements contain. The Niacin may help reduce bad cholesterol and the B12 may have a small impact on fatigue, but nothing of any note.
Performance PumpsAAKG (3g), Beta-Alanine (1.6g), HydroMax (1g), Taurine (1g).AAKG will increase blood flow and boost nitric oxide levels, which will result in a decent pump. The Beta Alanine will reduce fatigue and increase your work capacity. The dosage is a little small, but you could take 2 scoops for optimal levels. Taurine can also affect blood flow levels which will help improve your pump. The Hydromax Glycerol powder will help keep you hydrated and may also increase the pump.
BlockBuster Explosive EnergyCholine Bitartrate (1g), N-Acteyl-L-Tyrosine (0.25g), L-Theanine (0.2g), Green Coffee Beans (176mg of caffeine).Choline Bitartrate is a Nootropic that will help improve focus and lessen the effect of fatigue on concentration and mood. Great for early morning gym sessions. The caffeine is a little low at only 176mg per scoop, but a double scoop would really hype you up. Combined with the Theanine your cognition and focus will be hugely improved.


Bottom Line: The performance pump matrix is well dosed and contains some great blood-flow increasing ingredients. While the Explosive Energy complex is a little weak on stimulants, the combo with nootropics should help increase your alertness, reduce fatigue, and help you to focus on the task at hand.




Taste & Mixability – Taste wise, you have two options here: Apple or Blue Raspberry. Due to the lack of artificial coloring, they both look identical, clear as water. The taste of both is supreme, with the apple just edging the raspberry. Both powders mix fantastically well which is a relief because a clear drink with clumps of powder would be very off-putting.


Effectiveness – The ingredients are more than capable of improving the quality and intensity of your workout. At only 176mg caffeine, you may need to increase the dosage to 1.5 scoops. This pre-workout will be absolutely perfect if you’re training in the morning after a bad night’s sleep and need a huge jolt of energy and the removal of any fogginess.




The launch price for the Blockbuster is $29.99 for 30 servings.  The best way to stay updated on deals & coupons and finding the best price is to sign up to our deal alerts and compare prices on fitness deal news.





BLOCKBUSTER by MAN offers a solid label that compares favorably with the run of the mill pre-workouts we’ve looked at before like C4 and others. The addition of Nootropics like Choline Bitartrate and L-Tyrosine is a good idea, and complements MAN’s previous take at the pre workout market with GAMEDAY. But if you are a stim junkie, this is probably not the Pre-Workout for you. At only 176mg caffeine per scoop, there are better alternatives and value for money in our top 10 list.


Because of the focus on cognition, this pre-workout would also make a great study aid too particularly with the Theanine and caffeine combination. This reminds us of MOD Elite Gaming Supplement which was non-stimulatory but used Nootropics and Theanine to help improve concentration (check it out in our top 10 nootropic supplements list). A great product that will truly help you to achieve special things while in the weights room.


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