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blog-icon By TJ Posted on May 1, 2017

MTS Nutrition: Clash



Following the huge success MTS Nutrition Founder and CEO Marc Lobliner had with the first version of CLASH, MTS is on to making a great product even better. Lobliner states that he wanted to create the ultimate pre-workout product for himself and for his customers. And usually this man delivers. The doses are effective, the ingredients are designed to improve performance and to burn fat. And as you will see below, the label & the impact are one of the best we’ve experienced. 



MTS Nutrition: Clash Supplement Facts


IngredientDosageOur Take
L-Citrulline6gL-Citrulline is an amino acid and is used to reduce fatigue and increase your muscle pump during a workout. The dose is really good for a supplement, with experts recommending 6-8,000mg for sporting performance (while most only contain 2-4,000mg).
Creatine Monohydrate5gThere are very few pre-workouts that don’t contain creatine monohydrate, as it is such an effective supplement for training. Creatine has been proven to increase muscle mass and improve performance. The dosage of 5g is perfect.
Beta-Alanine3.2gBeta-Alanine is a great ingredient for improving performance and recovery times. The dosage is right in the middle of the accepted boundaries and should be very effective.
Betaine Anhydrous2gCan improve both aerobic and anaerobic performance, and may also help improve body composition. The dosage is fine but maybe a little low (recommended dose is 2.5-6g).
Agmatine Sulfate1.5gUsed in combination with L-Citrulline to boost your workout pump by increasing blood flow. May also reduce pain, which is similar to how caffeine can improve performance. Reducing perception of pain can help you to perform more reps, which can lead to better muscle gains.
L-Tyrosine0.5gL-Tyrosine is added to increase mental focus and clarity, dosage is spot on (higher doses can lead to digestion issues).
Caffeine0.25g250mg of Caffeine is an effective dosage that will help increase performance, focus, and fat burning. Some pre-workouts have higher amounts but this isn’t always a good thing. 250mg of caffeine combined with the other ingredients will really help stimulate your workout.
Theacrine0.1gTheacrine works similarly to caffeine improving both mental and physical performance, but without any of the side effects. Great in combination with caffeine.
Theobromine0.1gUsed to burn fat and increase energy, Theobromine may also suppress appetite leading to weight loss.
Dicaffeine Malate0.068gSimilar to caffeine without the stomach issues that too much caffeine can cause. It will help improve performance, endurance, focus, and will reduce fatigue.
L-Tyramine HCI0.02gImproves energy and focus
Hordenine HCI0.02gImproves energy and focus

Bottom Line: There is a great selection of ingredients here, with nice high doses. Also, you will notice that MTS is using the patented form of most of the ingredients in CLASH – which means they didn’t save on expenses here. There are a couple of exotic ingredients such as Theacrine, Theobromine, and Dicaffeine Malate, but the nuts and bolts come from the caffeine, creatine, L-Citrulline, and Beta-Alanine. You’ll get a great pump and workout from this supplement. Also, with 5g of Creapure creatine, 2g of Betaine and 3.2g of Beta-Alanine, power & endurance are well taken care off.  One thing, we will note, is that from a focus/nootropic perspective, beyond the L-Tyrosine, there is not much going on here compared to other competing products. 




Taste & Mixability – Suprisingly for an MTS product, The taste is decent but there’s not much choice available, with either Blue Raspberry or Fruit Punch available. The powder mixes well with water, but no more so than most pre-workouts.

Effectiveness – You won’t be seeing through time or shaking like a leaf with this pre-workout (unless you take two scoops which is NOT recommended), but that won’t matter. You’re getting all the benefits to performance with minimal (if any) side effects. On the focus side, we didn’t expect much, but at the end of the day were pleasantly surprised. It is not a crazy tunnel vision type of feeling but CLASH did get our mind of our busy day and focused on our workout.  




At the moment you can get 20 servings for $36.99 which is a pretty decent price considering how effective the dosage is. You can get a lot of pre-workouts for cheaper but you end up double scooping them and then running out much faster than you anticipated. This is also a complete pre-workout, so you really have everything you need in one scoop. There aren’t any deals on this yet but sign up to our daily emails and you’ll be the first to know.




A really good pre-workout with some decent outside of the box additions, a worthy successor of the original CLASH and a serious contender to our favourite pre-workouts list. 


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