Best Pump Pre-Workout Supplements 2020

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There are several reasons why people take pre-workout supplements. First, there are the stim junkies. People who just want the greatest hit on their central nervous system – think high caffeine supplements that leave you buzzing after you take them. High stim pre-workouts are often taken so that the lifter can banish fatigue and replace it with energy. Others take pre-workouts to increase their work rate during a session, supplements that are high in beta-alanine, for example. Finally, there are those who take pre-workouts so that they can get the best muscle pump during a session.

So, what is a pump, and why do people want it? A muscle pump is basically where your muscles expand in size during a workout thanks to increased blood flow to the muscles. There are two main reasons why people want a muscle pump. Firstly, a muscle pump will leave your muscles looking much bigger during your session. This may be a purely aesthetic benefit, but it is still awesome! Secondly, increasing the amount of blood flow to your muscles can help supply them with oxygen and nutrients while you train. They are helping you to train longer and starting protein synthesis.

In this post, we will be looking at the five best pump pre-workout supplements 2019. Picking one of these supplements will help you to get the pre-workout with the best pump allowing you to see bigger muscles and bigger gains over time.


List of Best Pump Pre-Workout Supplements for 2020


1. Hooligan Bare Knuckle by Apollon Nutrition

Hooligan by Apollon Nutrition

COMPARE PRICES FOR Apollon Nutrition Hooligan Bare Knuckle

If you know anything about pre-workouts, then you have probably heard of Hooligan V2 from Apollon Nutrition. A pre-workout that contains 700mg of caffeine per serving. That’s the equivalent of pouring yourself a cup of black coffee, tossing it on the floor, and then shoveling 200g of raw coffee beans into your mouth! Hooligan Bare Knuckle, while sharing the same name, is very different from its more extreme brother.

Hooligan Bare Knuckle is a non-stim pre-workout, meaning that it doesn’t contain any caffeine or any other ingredients that work by stimulating the central nervous system. This means that it focuses a lot more on work capacity (how many reps you can get) and delivering a superior muscle pump.

High doses of citrulline, beta-alanine, betaine, taurine, l-tyrosine, and choline mean that you should find grinding out reps a breeze, and your muscles should get one almighty pump during and after a workout session. This is a fantastic pump pre-workout and another excellent supplement from the insane asylum that is Apollon Nutrition.


Hooligan Bare Knuckle Youtube Review:

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2. Nova Pump by InnovaPharm

COMPARE PRICES FOR InnovaPharm Nova Pump

Nova Pump by InnovaPharm is a pre-workout that concentrates entirely on delivering a gold star pump. Using glycerol powder (GlycerPump) will really help your muscles draw water in the same way that creatine monohydrate does. Combining this with citrulline malate will lead to a longer-lasting muscle pump than most supplements can dream of delivering. Agmatine will really help to reduce the perception of pain, meaning that you will be able to train harder and for longer. A seriously good pump pre-workout and one of the best supplements for vascularity.


Nova Pump Youtube Review:

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3. Komodo Pump by Alpha Lion

alpha lion komodo pump


Another stim-free pre-workout on our list, Komodo Pump, comes from a very exciting supplement company called Alpha Lion. You may have heard of their high-quality Super Human Greens supplement or their excellent fat burner. Komodo Pump does exactly what it says on the label and delivers you an amazing Komodo dragon …. Sorry got carried away. It delivers an amazing muscle pump!

Each serving contains 8g of citrulline malate, 3.5g of Beta-Alanine, GlycerPump, and S7™ a really cool combination of green coffee bean extract, green tea extract, turmeric extract, tart cherry, blueberry, broccoli, and kale. S7™ isn’t going to do much for your workout pump, but it’s a nice addition anyway.


Komodo Pump Youtube Review:

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4. Sicario by ASC Supplements

Sicario pump pre-workout


ASC Supplements stand out from the crowd, partly due to their amazing artwork on all their products, but mostly because they sell high quality, powerful supplements that demand to be noticed. Sicario pre-workout is no exception. Sicario is another stim-free supplement, with a lot of focus on creating an awesome muscle pump.

Sicario contains citrulline, betaine, GlycerPump, and VASO6™, a seriously good cell volumizer that will give an amazing pump. This pre-workout is also going to give you a lot of clean energy without any stimulants involved. A single scoop contains 1g of L-Tyrosine, and 300mg of Alpha GPC. You’re going to notice a serious increase in your exercise capacity after taking Sicario and a nice mood enhancement too.


Sicario Youtube Review:

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5. VASOBlitz by Build Fast Formula



Our final product on this list of the best pump pre-workout supplements is VASOBlitz by Build Fast Formula. This is a fairly new supplement company, and VASOBlitz is one of the first products they have made. The first thing that strikes you when you read the ingredients list is just how simple they have kept things. The other pump pre-workouts on this list tend to have very large ingredients lists, while VASOBlitz contains just a couple of ingredients: 6g of L-Citrulline, 2.5g of Betaine, 2g of Arginine Nitrate, and 2g of Calcium Lactate.

With such a small ingredients list, there is no room for any fillers. In fact, the active ingredients are all going to work synergistically to produce a serious muscle pump. Thanks to the citrulline and betaine, you can also expect to lift heavier weights for longer thanks to improved endurance and power. A great pump pre-workout that doesn’t waste time with crazy ingredients. Just well-dosed, well-chosen, powerful ingredients that deliver a true pump.


VASOBlitz Youtube Review:

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Final Thoughts

We have taken a look at what are, in our opinion, the five best pump pre-workouts of 2019, each one of them being stimulant-free, and delivering a good workout and an even better pump. Any of these five will make a big difference to your training sessions and are perfect for anyone who is cycling between stim and non-stim pre-workouts. Take them for 4-6 weeks, enjoy the pump, and once your tolerance is back up, you can switch to your favorite stim junky pre-workout.

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