DMAA also known as 1,3-Dimethylamylane is a stimulant that is synthetically made rather than naturally occurring. It was invented in 1944 and was commonly used as a decongestant (in the same way that ephedrine was used to combat chesty colds). Like ephedrine at its time, DMAA is was banned by the FDA in 2012. But its actual status is still unclear as the issue is still being debated in the courts. DMAA is commonly used in fat burners and pre-workouts. In this review, we are going to look at 5 pre-workout supplements that contain DMAA and 3 fat burners...
This pre-workout made my last year's top 5 stim junkie pre-workout list and it was the only non-DMHA pre-workout on that list. This has to be the most underrated pre-workout on the market.
You should probably brace yourself for this one. Because together with me today I have the Fitness Stack's Pre-Stack Extreme. Listen people, if you are a gentle soul, if you cannot take hard-hitting "in your face" pre-workouts, this is not the review for you buddy...or you can look at this review as a warning.
WiLD Pre-Workout Review. What's going on everyone, TJ fitness Fitness Deal News reviews and together with me today, brace yourselves people for the Juggernaut Nutrition WiLD Pre-Workout review!

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