You should already know by now that when REDCON1 is launching a new product, you should pay attention. Boomstick is the company's first natural test booster, and as we'll take you through the label, you'll see that REDCON1 has spared no resources to make sure that everything that every ingredient that has been shown to increase testosterone levels naturally is part of this product and in full dosage. Which reflects itself very well in the gigantic 9 pills servings size!
AllMax Nutrition, Canada’s largest supplement company, gives us their “amino charged energy drink” Amino:Cuts. This product sits on the cross road of BCAA, Intra Workout, and a fat burner. Yeah, that’s a big cross road and in this Amino Cuts Review we will try to understand does it deliver.
The rising star of the supplement world, Primeval Labs dropped a huge announcement not too long ago. They’ve announced the release of their new natural anabolic that will be replacing the brand’s Super Laxo. Enter the world of Primavar.
The newest product in the 5% Nutrition just hit the shelves. Rich Piana's Drink Sleep Grow is the company's new nighttime recovery formula. Drink Sleep Grow joins Knocked The F*ck Out in the brand's night time supplements, but they each bring a different twist to the game. Knocked The F*ck Out is for sure more focused on putting you to sleep, where,  Drink Sleep Grow, is focused on night time recovery and muscle building. The bottom line is that these 2 products are supposed to be stacked together.
RSP Nutrition has been on a roll lately, releasing all kinds of new supplements. The newest addition to that new line of products is the IsoPost, a complete post workout recovery Isolate protein formula with an interesting twist.
The newest member of the always expanding MTS Nutrition Product line is the MTS AQUA SHED Water loss supplement. Aimed at bodybuilders looking to shed that last ounce of water to get that super shredded look. As with all of Marc Lobliner products, AQUA SHED is a well thought of product, promising an all-natural diuretic. What is suppose to make AQUA SHED better than the other water loss supplements, is a combination of ingredients that help shed the body of excess water but also have a detoxifying effect.
PharmaFreak announced a new series of products branded Freakmode Series. The Andro Freak is one of the new products in the series, an entirely new testosterone booster that is supposed to be the company’s leading test booster, replacing the older Anabolic Freak and Test Freak which ranked high on a lot of top 10 lists. In this Andro Freak review, we will tell you what’s in it and what you should expect it to do.
BSN just released a new version for their (discontinued) pre workout supplement EndoRush after a long time since their last product release in the pre-workout category (N.O Xplode 2.0). The new EndoRush is coming in powder form, rather than the energy drink form of the older version. As you will see, as we go through this review, on paper, BSN Endo Rush is BSN’s most hardcore pre-workout to date. Let us dive into the label, what you should expect and our own experience with the product.
GlycoLog by Blackstone Labs is the company’s contender in the Glucose Disposal Agent category. It aims to mimic the effects of insulin and transport nutrients such as protein and mainly carbs, more effectively. We have reviewed several products in this category, and in this GlycoLog review, we’ll try to see how this new entrant stacks up with the rest.
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