Magnum Nutraceuticals, probably the company with the least catchy name in the supplement world, introduced its pre workout- Limitless to a lot of fanfare and since its launch has been getting a lot of great reviews. The Limitless is described by the company as an “extreme” pre workout and its main focus should be, well, about focus. In this Magnum Limitless Review, we will take you through both what you should expect and does it deliver from our own personal experience. 
First things first, in case you are asking yourself what does Hurakan mean, it is a the Maya god of wind. Cool name. now to the business at hand. Primeval Labs have been busy at trying to disrupt every category of the supplement industry, already producing several winners. The latest in this series of products is Hurakan. Hurakan is a thermogenic that promises to be the end all weight loss supplement, squarely targeting the leading fat burners in our top 10 list. Our review of the Primeval Labs Hurakan will take you through both what you should expect and does it deliver.  
The Sleep Aid market somehow became a bodybuilding & fitness real supplement category over the last 12 months, with every major brand introducing a product. You can check out our top 10 list for sleep & recovery supplements which keeps on getting updated as new products are released. And now, a new sleeping aid is coming in play, and it comes from Marc Lobliner’s MTS Nutrition. The new Machine Sleep Aid was announced not too long ago, but enough information about it was revealed for us to give our opinion.
Each and every one of us had a day where their brain would just be all over the place, with no ability to concentrate or think straight. And on that day, everyone wish there was some kind of way to help themselves and get their mind in line. In this article we will be looking at what might be the answer to your needs. Introducing the Brain Bridge by MAN Sports, the nootropic supplement that aims to help those in need for some mental boost in their busy day. This is not a 'fitness supplement' per se. This is MAN Sports venture into the general market nootropic category.
From Cellucor’s newest line of products comes the P6 Ultimate, the brand’s long running testosterone boosting supplement. The new addition to the P6 family doesn’t necessarily focus on more test boosting ingredients, but looks to be a more complete supplement with pump and focus enhancing capabilities.
The first 'ULTIMATE' product on the Cellucor lineup was C4 Ultimate, the fully dosed, hard core version for the super popular C4 pre-workout. Cellucor is finally expanding this premium line with NO3 Ultimate, a stimulant free pump amplifier. The NO3 is an extension to the company’s NO3 line with one other product called the NO3 Chrome but NO3 Ultimate look to achieve the same goal without the use of stimulants and as the 'ultimate' name promises - a more complete label.
From the makers of RE1GN and Conq3r Unleashed comes Olympus Labs BLOODSHR3D. Their flag ship thermogenic fat burning supplement which promises to provide you everything needed to get rid of fat, improved mood, increased energy and enhance your mental and physical performance.
It’s a new day and we have a new cookie to check out! This time coming from Performix who seem to be expanding their edible range with their new protein cookies being added alongside their previous hit protein wafers release.
Hi-Tech Pharma is at it again with Laxogenin 100, a new plant based muscle builder. The promise of all plant based Laxogenics is a natural alternative to pro-hormones and other type of Anabolics. But reality is that most current laxogenin based supplements are both expensive and suffer from relatively low effectives (due to the way laxogenin is digested). The new Laxogenin 100 from Hi-Tech Pharma is designed to answer both of these issues.
What if you could have it all? What if you could have an amazing coffee creamer while adding 20g of protein to your coffee? Yes, you heard it right! 20g protein to your coffee. Well, our friend Chris Oltman made this magic happen, and believe it or not it only takes 10 seconds. Want to know how? Well watch his video here.

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