Yes, AllMax wants to play in the big league pre-workout game! Following several launches of ‘fully dosed’ pre-workouts from the likes of ‘old school’ supplement brands like Dymatize, Musclepharm, iSatori, GAT among others, AllMax is introducing its own weapon in the lucrative pre-workout game.  This is not an easy battlefield, with mainstream players like AllMax basically refraining from using more ‘exotic’ ingredients (ala, DMHA, Eria Jarenesis, PEA etc). But AllMax, as you’ll soon see in our analysis of the label, has definitely upped its game and is trying to bring in some innovation.  
Performax has been lurking on the horizon of pre-workout products for a few years now. Unlike the majority of companies in the business, who invest heavily in their marketing campaigns, Performax chose to focus all of its resources on its products and let the quality do its thing. And it seems to be working. People began talking about Performax after the success of HyperMax XT; however, the gossip is set to burst through the roof considering what the company has promised about the new and improved version of HyperMax. 
Biology is a funny thing! A man’s testosterone levels peak as he approaches 30 and then deteriorate as his age increases. I mean…are men to be reduced to sorry excuses as soon as they exceed 30? Well, no, if it is up to Primeval Labs Neandrathal natural test boosting powder.  Neanderthal has been formulated with natural ingredients, the main aim of which is to boost those dwindling levels of testosterone. The promise is that with elevated test levels you will experience the increased metabolism, better mass gains, enhanced sexual drive, greater performance and all of the other benefits that come with high testosterone levels.
Olympus Labs is at it again, this time introducing a product that is centered on the elusive Epicatechin. This is not the company’s first venture with the ingredient, however. Their last reveal, the EP1C  didn't really deliver on its promise because Epicatechin was found to have low bioavailability.  The company’s Research and Development department appears to have been running on full throttle lately and this time, the company has promised to up its game with the incorporation of Epicatechin PhytoFUSE into its latest product, EP1LOGUE. EP1LOGUE promises to maximize results while keeping the formula simple. Intrigued? So are we. So, in this Olympus Labs EP1LOGUE review, we will evaluate the promises made by EP1LOGUE & see if we can give it the nod.
Does the name iSatori ring any bells? Fitness enthusiasts would remember how the company went all out with its supplement Bio-Gro, and then went MIA after its consecutive failings with the Pre-Gro and Pre-Gro Max. However, the announcement of their latest supplement, Morph Xtreme, may mean iSatori might just make a comeback. A cursory look  at the label shows that the product appears to have a pretty strong formula, with a massive serving size of 28g. In this review, we will take a closer look and see how well they’ve moved on from their Bio-Pro series.
Olympus Labs has been busy and after a very successful launch of RE1GN the company introduced a new Intra-Workout product called ENDUR3 BCAA. The formula includes three matrixes, each of which has been designed to fulfill specific functions and expectations which all are specifically focused at helping you endure long & exhausting workouts. So, without further ado, let us dive into the details of these three blends
MusclePharm is one of the leading names in the muscle supplements industry, today. The huge success of MusclePharm Assault had confirmed the company as a top player in the market, particularly in the pre-workout category. MusclePharm, however, lost prominence after the initial success of Assault,  primarily because it put innovation on the backburner and stopped developing new products for its customer base.
If you are a traditional pre-workout supplement brand and you haven't yet launched a 'fully dosed' hardcore pre-workout, well you are going to have a problem. Felling the pressure from newcomers and hardcore niche operators, 'old' brands like Dymatize, MusclePharm and now GAT are releasing new full dose pre-workout products to stay competitive. In this GAT Psychon review, we will try to figure out if GAT delivers enough to 'join the club'
Primeval Labs has been running on all Cylinders and for all practical purposes proved itself as a serious contender in every category. we already reviewed APE Sh*t by Primeval and is right now one of our favorites. MEGA PRE though is not supposed to be just another good pre-workout. Primeval wants it to be THE BEST pre-workout. 
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