After steel supplements hard-af review and AMPED AF comes CHARGED AF, the second pre-workout from Steel Supplements (with HARD AF being a whole other type of “pre workout”). This company is well known for its hardcore line of supplements, so you know you should generally expect their pre workouts to hit you hard or at least have some additional benefits to other high stim pre-workouts. You might have noticed it is quite difficult to understand the differences between the two pre workouts  - AMPED AF and CHARGED AF by searching it online, so let’s dive in to charged af pre-workout
Posted August 25, 2020
Hard AF by Steel Supplements is a different type of pre workout if you will. If you’re over 40 (or sometimes even 30) you know your test level goes down, your libido might be going down and generally speaking it just becomes harder to get hard. If judging from the AMPED AF Review from Steel Supplements, this company knows what they’re doing. HARD-AF is supposed to be a natural, over-the-counter replacement for erectile dysfunction medications that are for once very expensive, and they require prescription. The bottle has 20 capsules and the recommended dosage is 2 capsules, so you get
Posted July 10, 2020
Pre-workouts have the ability to turn an average workout into your best session yet, delivering energy, increasing power, reducing fatigue, and even helping your cognition – increasing focus, raising your mood, and helping you to train harder than you ever thought possible. In this list, we are going to be looking at ten of the best pre-workout supplements for 2020. We will give a roundup of the best hardcore pre-workout supplements money can buy. These pre-workout supplements are not in any particular order, they are ten of the best pre-workouts on the market. Assigning them an order would not necessarily make
Posted June 20, 2020
Best Tasting Pre-Workout Supplements
Updated May 2020 There are many fantastic pre-workouts out on the market right now, and they all have their benefits and drawbacks. Often, you’ll find a pre-workout that does everything you want it to, delivering an amazing experience … but … it tastes like dirt. If you train four to five times per week, then you are going to be drinking a LOT of pre-workout in your life. Make sure that the pre-workout you enjoy tastes nice, because life is too short for bad tasting supplements! In this article, we are going to be looking at five of the best tasting pre-workout
Posted May 24, 2020
There are many different types of pre-workout supplement out there, each with different uses and benefits. But this article is dedicated to finding the strongest pre-workout supplements to buy on Amazon. We’re talking about powerful, high-stimulatory pre workouts that will have you bouncing off the walls, smashing new personal bests all over the place. We’re talking about the best hardcore pre-workout supplements money can buy! The Top 5 Best Pre-Workout Stacks on Amazon We’re trying to bring you the best strongest pre-workout deals for 2020, and in our opinion the following five pre-workouts are top of the list!   #1 Iron Brothers Ruthless You can
Posted March 17, 2020
SuperHuman Pre-Workout Review by Alpha Lion Alpha Lion has been around for nearly two years now, and they’re doing really well with a lot of new products coming out. This brand is more of a higher-end brand as far as the small niche companies go, and you can really see it in their entire branding and presence. Super Human Pre-Workout has been around for about a year and is probably their best seller, with a lot of buzz around it. This product looks amazing (like everything from this company), the feel is great, the packaging is really cool, and you can
Posted July 23, 2019
InnovaPharm has several different products under its umbrella. It isn’t a new company, but it has recently been making waves, especially with its product called the ‘Nova Pump’. A lot of people have tried and had positive things to say about Nova Pump. Since Nova Pump has been generating a lot of hype among fitness enthusiasts, I decided to try it out myself. I have used it for a couple of weeks. So here is my honest, unbiased review of InnovaPharm Nova Pump. [product_btn id='149887'] Nova Pump Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GtR64Tc5o8 I have tried Nova Pump and reviewed it on two major criteria. I first looked
Posted June 8, 2019
Coming from Iron Obsession supplements, the company who brought you the oh-so-loaded pre workout HELL YEA that is well deserving of its place in our Best Hardcore Pre Workout Supplement for 2019, OH YEAH is a stim-free pump formula. I know a lot of you love and care about pumps, and I also know for a fact a lot of the stim-heavy pre workouts out there really lack in their pumps formulas. So for those of you who like and care about the pumps, this is the product to compliment those pre workouts. Let’s start with the Iron Obsession OH
Posted April 28, 2019
ASC supplements is another one of these small companies I love to review because they really give it their ALL in every aspect, from the amazing design and branding, to the actual formula and product quality. El Jefe is definitely one of those products and has one of the best looking labels out there. [product_store_btn id='11455'] ASC El Jefe Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhzSE2Yowys   THE LABEL The blend is semi-proprietary, which as you know I am not a fan of, but I already got used to it and if it works - it works. There is the 1scoop-2scoop thing going on here, which we see more in stim-junkie
Posted April 7, 2019

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