Apollon Nutrition TimeCop Review + Best Deal 2021

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Apollon Nutrition TimeCop Review

Apollon Nutrition have just released their TimeCop Nootropic Pre Workout. This supplement is the combination of Hooligan Bare Knuckle and Overtime. This obviously means that the ingredient label is going to be extremely long, so get ready.

In this TimeCop Review, you will find out everything you need to know. From the experience, ingredients, side effects, and more!

Apollon Nutrition Timecop

Where can I buy TimeCop Nootropic Pre Workout?

You can get TimeCop for 15% Off at the Apollon Nutrition Website.

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TimeCop Pre Workout Review on YouTube

Best Nootropic Pre Workout 2021? 🧠 Apollon Nutrition TimeCop Review

My Experience with Apollon Nutrition TimeCop

Flavor-wise, TimeCop is nothing special. Tiger’s Blood is the same one they used for Assassin V7 and it is decent. But if you care about flavor, then that is whole other issue.

The experience though was amazing. Apollon Nutrition may very well have created the best nootropic pre workout of 2021.

Shortly after taking a full scoop, I felt the nootropic effects coming in. The focus is top notch. Which makes it usable for the gym, studies, or work.

The energy is also off the charts. At 400mg of caffeine anhydrous and a bunch of other stimulants like Lion’s Mane and Eria Jarensis, this baby makes you fly.

Unlike most nootropic pre workouts, this one has heavy doses of pump ingredients such as L-Citrulline. So TimeCop truly is not lacking in any area. Not to mention the Beta Alanine tingling that gives you an overall buzz.

With the addition of Hordenine and Noopept, the already nootropic benefits are skyrocketed. Making for an awesome workout.

All in all, TimeCop from Apollon Nutrition is a really great nootropic if you want something that brings the heat on energy, focus, and pumps.


  • Awesome Nootropic Effects
  • Energy Boost
  • Great Focus
  • Skin-Tearing Pumps
  • Nice Flavor


  • None that I can think of
COMPARE PRICES FOR Apollon Nutrition TIMECOP Pre-Workout 15% OFF

What is in Apollon Nutrition TimeCop?

As mentioned before, Apollon Nutrition TimeCop is a combination of ingredients from their Hooligan Bare Knuckle and Overtime V3.

Unlike Double Impact, TimeCop has a somewhat normal-sized ingredient list. Essentially because they only took aa select set of ingredients from each product this time.

TimeCop Ingredient Label

Key Ingredients Breakdown

Caffeine Anhydrous (400mg)

First you have caffeine anhydrous. The infamous energy stimulant that is in every supplement nowadays. 400mg is up there with the most you will see in most pre workouts

L-Citrulline (8g)

Secondly, L-Citrulline comes in at a whopping 8 grams. This is the highest I have ever seen this ingredient be dosed at. Leading to a massive pump and increased vascularity.

Beta Alanine (3.2g)

Paired with the L-Citrulline, Beta Alanine is an ingredient I love. This provides the tingling that gives you that buzz throughout your body.

Lion’s Mane (1g)

One gram of Lion’s Mane is going to add immensely to the focus matrix. Locked in all the way during the gym session.

Eria Jarensis Extract (300mg)

Next there is Eria Jarensis which is becoming an extremely popular ingredient. This is the main contributor to the focus and slight mood elevation in TimeCop.

Hordenine HCL (100mg)

Hordenine HCL is strictly going to heighten the intensity of the ingredients. As well as boosting endurance.

Alpha GPC (600mg)

Then we have Alpha GPC which is one the many focus ingredients in TimeCop Pre Workout. 600mg is a really nice dose.

Himalayan Pink Salt (300mg)

Himalayan Pink Salt adds to the pre-existing pumps you get from the hefty 8 grams of L-Citrulline.

Noopept (30mg)

Almost closing out the list, noopept is yet another focus contributor. You cannot go wrong with adding 30mg.

Alpha Yohimbine (1.5mg)

A hardcore stimulant in TimeCop Nootropic. Alpha Yohimbine is going to add to the thermogenesis as well as intensity.

AstraGin (50mg)

Lastly, 50mg of AstraGin is going to help with the absorption in TimeCop. Making the intake process much smoother.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Apollon Nutrition TimeCop a good pre workout?

TimeCop is a great nootropic pre workout. The only downside is the price because it is a limited edition.

What is Apollon Nutrition TimeCop made of?

TimeCop Pre Workout is two of the brands’ products combined. It has a long list of ingredients including Lion’s Mane and Eria Jarensis.

Does TimeCop have any side effects?

TimeCop does not have any side effects. Only chance of experiencing any negative effects if you are a true beginner.

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