Excelsior Pre Workout Review | How is this legal?! [Imperial Nutrition]

blog-icon By TJ Posted on February 24, 2020

Imperial Nutrition Excelsior Pre Workout Review

If you haven’t heard about Imperial Nutrition, you are not a lone. This company has been hiding under a rock for a long time until rumors started surfacing in the last 6 months about this legendary pre-workout – Excelsior – that can make you fly. Then you took a quick look at the label, and well, you probably wasn’t very impressed…me neither. But just like we always do here on Fitness Deal News, we had to give it a shot. And well, there’s more to this pre workout than the label will show…and to be honest we are afraid to even ask what it is 🙂

Excelsior Pre Workout Review

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The Label & The Promise

OK, I know, this label is a prop blend which sucks, and yeah, I know it doesn’t look very impressive. This is one of these cases where our statement ‘LABELS ARE JUST LABELS’ is more true then ever.

So, with the combination of a prop blend that actually looks very strange, We will not spend a lot of time on the label and dive right into the actual experience!


Excelsior Pre-Workout Experience

Flavor: Available in only one flavor, this one is not the best. But it is drinkable. There’s an apparent chemical after taste, but if you are brave enough to take this pre-workout, you’ll be fine!

Experience: Lets start by the ‘how much’ question. On one scoop (the tub is 30 serv) you will get a good buzz and get dialed in, but it will not blow your head off. On 2 scoops, this baby will make you fly. What ever is in this pre workout, will hit you like a train! The focus & feeling of super power is insane. There is something in this tub that is not on the label (I think…). If you want to feel limitless and get dialed in to the point you just don’t want to leave the gym, you should give this one a try. I will say though that for most of users, 2 scoops is going to be too much. My sweet spot was 1.75 serv and for most others 1.5 scoops will be perfect.

Final Verdict

Imperial Nutrition Excelsior Pre Workout Review

The Excelsior pre-workout is no joke. This one became one of my top ranked hardcore pre-workouts in 2020, and there's now a huge following. One word of caution here (beyond the fact I have no clue what is in it that makes it feel like this) is that some users get a serious mood crash post flying in the gym with this one. It seems to hit about 10% of the users (I didn't get anything like that). Overall, Excelsior is one of the best experiences your money can buy (and it is not cheap...) and if you are feeling adventurous you should give this one a try.


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