Chemix Pre Workout Review - Strongest Pre-Workout 2019?

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CHEMIX Pre-Workout Review

The first supplement launched under the new Chemix brand, run by the Guerilla Chemist, who until today has been working behind the scenes at some of best known hardcore supplement companies. CHEMIX pre-workout is promising to bring a stim heavy experience and the Guerilla Chemist personal touch. Launched with a lot of buzz, this review will tell you everything you need to know before buying this pre-workout.



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The Label

CHEMIX Pre-Workout Label

Well, as you would expect from someone called the Guerilla Chemist, CHEMIX brings a bunch of ingredients that some of them we have never seen come together in a PRE. A quick look at the label and you understand that this pre-workout is all about stims and focus and nothing much else.


The Flavor

I tried both flavors the CHEMIX Pre-Workout launched with. The Guerilla Juice one is decent. Nothing special but for sure not bad. The Citrus one is just terrible. Avoid it if you plan to purchase this pre-workout.


The Experience

Well, lets start with the bad news, at one full scoop I felt so bad that I literally wanted to throw up. I don’t know what’s in it that caused that feeling, but I did hear about the same experience from our followers on social media. When I shifted to ¾ of a scoop, that is where CHEMIX showed up in all its glory. Great energy & focus and solid pumps. At ¾ of a scoop, this is not a CRAZY pre-workout, but a great experience.


Chemix Pre Workout Price & Where To Get It

CHEMIX is a designer pre-workout and is priced as such. So 20 servings will run you $55!! Yes expensive! But we are Fitness Deal News, so you know we are always on the hunt for the best deals around, so check the price comparison page for the latest Chemix coupons & deals from all over the web.



Bottom Line

Is CHEMIX  a groundbreaking pre-workout? No. Will it make my new top 10 pre-workout? Maybe. Is it going to satisfy most stim junkies around looking for a good experience. Yes it will. Though consider starting with ¾ of a serving, Because for me at 1 serving – this was just too much.

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