Fitness Stacks Pre-Stack Extreme Review - The Angry Pre-Workout

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Pre-Stack Extreme Review

What’s going on people? TJ Fitness Deal News here and you should probably brace yourself for this one. Because together with me today I have the Fitness Stack’s Pre-Stack Extreme. Listen people, if you are a gentle soul, if you cannot take hard-hitting “in your face” pre-workouts, this is not the review for you buddy…or you can look at this review as a warning. Otherwise, if you’re into a hell of a ride let me take you through the label and share my personal experience. And I’ll give you my final verdict on this monster here right towards the end, let’s get right into it.

Warning - Hard Hitting Pre-Workout! | PRE STACK EXTREME Review

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About the Company & Product:

Okay guys, so there are a lot of new companies out there that are attempting to create the ultimate pre-workout with super heavy doses. And listen I know there’s a lot of controversies right now in the pre-workout community around can you take certain pre-workouts, are they good or bad. Pre-workouts are purely personal. Some people can take a lot of stims, some people can handle the Yohimbine and Beta Alanine and you know 600 milligrams of caffeine and some people simply cannot. And there’s no good or bad there’s just what works for you. Independently, I can take a lot of shit so Pre-Stack by Fitness Stacks is a pre-workout that I really am excited to share with you. A little about Fitness Stacks,  this company is a small company out of North Carolina and they have a few products and they’re selling mostly through their own site and retail stores throughout the US and this product seems to be a very interesting pre-workout.


When you look at the label itself you’ll find a lot of similarities with our favorite pre-workout out there right now, Arez Titanium, and for all the right reasons. If you like Arez Titanium listen carefully to this review. Because this baby here takes a very similar approach with that hard-hitting in your face pre-workout. I’m gonna take you through the label quickly and then I’m gonna share my experience working out with this monster here and after that a couple of warnings or recommendations depending on if you can take it or not. So listen, as far as the label itself you get Citrulline Malate at 8 grams 2 to 1 ratio. So, that’s four grams of Citrulline. I’ve mentioned that before in other pre-workout reviews like the Defiant Unleashed. Now, if you’re good with Citrulline Malate, if Citrulline gets you pumped, then you’re gonna be good with this. If you’re like me and you need more than just citrulline to get the full pump effect then that’s not gonna be enough. For the most part you’re gonna get mediocre pumps. Then you have 4.4 grams of Beta-Alanine. So, all the hippies that don’t like the Beta-Alanine tingling, you probably should stay away. Listen people, I love the Beta-Alanine tingling; I love what it does for me. For me, it’s part of the pre-workout experience, it’s part of that extreme experience. You get 4.4 grams here and I’m gonna tell you what it will do to you later on. Then you have CDP Choline, as we get down into the energy and focus elements. So, you get CDP Choline at 300 milligrams which is a really good amount for CDP Choline. It’s typically used for focus, crossing the blood-brain barrier and increasing your dopamine levels. You also get 300 milligrams of caffeine, 200 milligrams of DMHA, 125 milligrams of Eria Jarensis, and Higenamine. In addition to 300 micrograms of Huperzine and then you have 1.5 of Alpha-Yohimbine. Let’s summarize this thing and then you can decide if you want to read the rest of this review or not. You have 4.4 grams of Beta-Alanine and 1.5 milligrams of Alpha Yo. Together with all that DHA Araya and 200 milligrams of caffeine, listen, if you can’t handle it run away. If you couldn’t handle Arez Titanium because you feel the Alpha Yo always driving you crazy, refer to your heartbeat going really too fast, all that tingling and all that extreme sense of stimulation. If it drove you nuts, just run away people this is not for you. Yeah that’s how it feels, this is Arez’s little brother here.

Pre-Stack Extreme Deals & Coupons


Okay, let me share with you the experience working out with this one. I had the gummy bear flavor and I have to say this is a kick-ass flavor. It’s just a good flavor you’re gonna enjoy. So no problem in the flavor department.

Experience and what to expect:

Let’s talk about how this actually works and what you feel as far as pops. Like I said I got mediocre pumps out of it because I need more than just Citrulline Malate to feel it, I need Agmatine, Glycerol, Glycerpump or something like that. Put that aside, as far as energy and mental focus, this hits you really hard and it hits you really fast. And I mean like five minutes into it. And now as far as how it hits you and this is really where I want you to pay attention. This hits you in your face with a ten kilograms sledgehammer right into your head.  You’re gonna get there you’re gonna get such a sense of urgency to just pick up your butt and lift and throw weights all around. It’s not even funny, it’s very similar to the Arez Titanium feel. It hits you super, super hard. Now here’s where it’s a bit different than Arez. Where Arez had that crazy, best ever mood elevation element that just makes you happy. You want to lift, you’re super motivated but you’re also happy. Contrasting, Fitness stacks Pre-Extreme makes you angry, this shit seriously makes you antisocial after taking a scoop per day. You’re gonna be angry, you’re gonna be throwing shit all over the gym. You’re gonna be super angry and that probably hurt the mood elevation element. I did get that spark of mood elevation during the workout but I didn’t get a lot of it like with Arez Titanium. Just know I mean no discrimination here guys, if you want to start raging in the middle of your workout, be my guest. But as far as mood elevation like I said the pumps were scattered.

Pre-Stack Extreme Deals & Coupons

Final Verdict:

I would say mediocre but this shit hits you hard so you still feel that tingling and that crazy-ass rage. Honestly, an hour and a half into it and it doesn’t let go. So, if you can’t handle the overstimulation, if you can’t handle the hard-hitting stim pre-workout just stay away. This is not for you if you can’t handle it. I promise you’re gonna enjoy this one if you enjoyed Arez. So, think about this like Arez minus the mood elevation and that euphoria that lasts for 20 years after. And just add way more anger. I really love what this company is doing, they have other supplements which I’m trying right now like this Hyper-Stack which is their nootropic which I actually really like. To conclude…Arez lovers, we have your little brother.

Where to buy & how to save money:

So, as far as where you can find it. The Fitness Stacks website I believe is the only place you can find it online right now. I’m not sure how long this formula will last so grab it while you can. As far as the actual price, it retails for $50 but as always I’m gonna talk with the guys there are Fitness Stacks and get you guys a coupon and I’m gonna leave a link below, so you can go ahead and try some of this baby here if you can handle it. Anyway, this is what we do here. We help you make smart decisions about the supplements that you buy and we tell you about new stuff, we go and we search all over the place to tell you what’s out there. And we try to make sure that you know what you’re up to when you actually buy these products and if you want to save money on Pre-Stack Extreme or any other fitness supplement out there, you know where to go.

Pre-Stack Extreme Deals & Coupons


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