MuscleForce Defiant Unleashed Review | Best Pre-Workout 2019?

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defiant unleashed review

Defiant Unleashed Review:

Update 2019 – The company changed the label design – BUT, the pre-workout inside is EXACTLY the same!


The MuscleForce Defiant Unleashed Pre-Workout Review is finally here. A lot of you guys have been driving me freaking nuts to come and review this baby here. You probably ran into this label or this product somewhere on Facebook or someone told you about it. Just as a preview, you’d feel stimmed just by looking at the label because this is a fully loaded formula with all kinds of stimulants. Some of them you probably have never seen all together in one pre-workout. Anyway, I’m going to go through this label, I’m gonna try and explain to you what is in each and every one of these ingredients. Plus what they are supposed to help you with. From here on out is my personal experience using this pre-workout over the last week or so, with my final verdict on the product toward the end. Lets get into the full review.

MuscleForce Defiant Unleashed Review | Best Pre Workout 2018 Contender?



About the company & product:

Okay, guys so Muscle Force is probably a company you’ve never heard of, but just know Defiant Unleashed. It’s a small company and I really like what they are doing in the fitness and supplement industry. There are all sorts of these smaller companies that are just deciding to go out and experiment with supplements which is actually really cool. Most companies simply want to be big and go international. Muscle Force is really straightforward as far as the actual products and the ingredients that they’re using. Some of these companies whether it’s Muscle Force or a couple of others that I’m gonna review on this channel just go crazy and you know I think for us people who like to use supplements it is simply perfect.

Anyway, Muscle Force is a small company that I honestly haven’t tested much, I started to buy from a couple of companies that are in a few supplement stores I believe. And they decided to launch this one sell it in their store, sell it online, sell it with the other retailers. Only one of their products actually has a full line of products, there’s a nootropic, there’s defiant which is not without the unleashed. It is another pre-workout but without some of the exotic stimulants here and there’s a couple of other products. Anyway, I’m gonna be reviewing them on the channel. Long story short Defiant Unleashed is their flagship pre-workout and as I take you through the label, you will see why. And I can’t emphasize this enough because this is a super loaded label when it comes to a bunch of killer-ass stimulants. So now I’m gonna talk about the experience because you people know it’s not all about the label as much as how these ingredients come together.


So as far as the pump, this is a super simple formula. You have 8 grams of Citrulline Malate with a 2:1 ratio. Before you freak out, a 2:1 ratio is comparable as far as the amount of L-citrulline to 4 grams which has become somewhat typical to see in fully loaded pre-workouts. As far as the pump effect that you should expect the feeling of pure swoleness from L-citrulline. The thing with L-citrulline and I’ve said it in the past, if you’re one of those guys that handle L-citrulline well then you’re gonna enjoy the 8 grams of 2:1 ratio. Some people, I’m among them by the way, L-citrulline doesn’t hit me that hard when it’s by itself. For me either a combination of L-citrulline, Agmatine, Glycerpump or Glycerol to genuinely help me feel the full effect of a pump and O ingredient.

Some of you guys might feel okay with just L-citrulline so this is gonna be perfect. But then you have Beta Alanine 3.2 which you know I like in my pre-workouts, giving you a tingling effect. There’s also a side effect or main effect that Beta Alanine was started to be used for, which is buffering of lactic acid in your body. Essentially it’s supposed to help you with endurance. On top of that, this begins a huge list and I’m talking huge. There are about eight ingredients concerning focus, energy, stimulation, and mood elevation. There are all kinds of craziness going on in this pre-workout. Honestly, just reading the label makes you feel like a crackhead.

It all starts with one gram of Choline which is a lot of Choline 97% standardization. I usually want to see the other stuff like the bio-available types of Choline and CDP Choline. Then you have 450 milligrams of Caffeine Anhydrous. Now, you’re gonna see a different name on the label, don’t let that confuse you that is still Caffeine Anhydrous. The one that you’re used to seeing, the one that hits you really hard and really fast. Next, you got Endurlac, which is a patented ingredient. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in a pre-workout. 300 milligrams is the scientific or recommended dose. Endurlac is supposed to help you with a couple of things mainly revolving around cognitive enhancement. This is contrasting from focus coming by caffeine, which is often what happens in energy drinks. Then you have Eria Jarensis at 250 milligrams which is a lot. Probably the most Erie Jarensis that you’ve seen on a label, making this a killer-ass product.

Then you have DMHA at 200 milligrams. Listen people, we just got started here but you already have 450 milligrams of Caffeine, 250 milligrams of Eria Jarensis, 200 milligrams of DMHA, 300 milligrams of Endurlac, and one gram of Choline. Okay, then you have 100 milligrams of Theobromine which we are used to seeing. This is a cocoa extract alkaloid that’s produced from natural cocoa. It’s very similar to caffeine, just doesn’t hit you as hard. But 100 milligrams again is on the top end concerning the amount of Theobromine you are going to see on a label. Then you have 100 milligrams of Octopamine also known as Octopamine HCl, another alkaloid or a metabolite of Synephrine, and another ingredient with a hefty dose. Octopamine does a couple of things together with caffeine. It increases your energy and focus levels but it also acts as a fat burner, helping you preserve lean mass when it’s taken consistently. I’m not sure how much lean mass it will help you preserve when it’s taken only as a pre-workout but I’d say three-four times a week. Together with all these other ingredients, it’s supposed to come together very well. Then you have a huperzine at 200 micrograms which is again on the top of the of the range. There is a lot crammed into this thing as you can see. It doesn’t get much more complete than this, you have 200 of these, 250 of these, 450 of these, 100 milligrams of Theobromine and then there’s some more  Octopamine and Endurlac. By the way, I even skipped the Aminosophetane Tyrosine at 200 milligrams which is on the lower end but this is still a fully loaded formula.


The one I tried was blue raspberry lemonade and honestly, I was expecting this to taste like shit. Because you know all these stimulants it’s just such a loaded package you by default expect it to taste like shit, but contradicting the pessimistic prediction it actually tastes pretty good. Listen there’s no aftertaste, it’s super pleasant, they sort of even hit the blue razz lemonade type flavor. Personally, I really like it, and considering what’s on the label it has a super good flavor.

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Now we get into the actual experience. I expected this to hit me so hard I wouldn’t be able to stop running around, surprisingly enough even though it has 450 milligrams of Caffeine and with all that shit that I mentioned before, this doesn’t give you that crackhead feeling. You don’t really feel over-stimmed. It hits you slowly I would have to say, for me it took about 20 minutes before I started to feel something coming. I’m not sure how to explain that feeling but it’s a bit different than just like 20 minutes and then out of nowhere “boom.” It starts crawling with you for a while and you feel something is going to happen. For me, 30 minutes into it is where it really peaked. You definitely don’t feel over-stimmed, but at some point there is a surge of energy that really motivates you.

I would say it lasts for a good couple of hours judging from my experience. It hits, you get that energy rush, you get focused but not that tunnel vision focus. Although, I definitely felt focused and more than anything else it got me motivated. I don’t know how to explain that feeling guys you just need to try and understand what I’m saying here. The way that this is different and where it really excelled is motivation. It’s not the energy kick the energy and focus aid are at the top. However the focus is not tunnel vision,  I’ve unquestionably had better. The pumps are mediocre for me because as I said before L-Citrulline is just not enough by itself.

As far as endurance like I said it lasted for about two hours and with all these stimulants you have to expect some after effects such as a crash. Weirdly enough, I didn’t really have a crash; it was a smooth transition back to normal life after the gym. The motivational effect lasted for approximately two and a half hours, maybe scratching the three hours. It wasn’t one of these all day long motivation pre-workouts like we had for example with Aries Titanium and similar products. But as far as motivation, this is this is probably one of the best ones I’ve ever had. I’m not sure what exactly brings all these things together but motivational is the best way to describe it. I genuinely didn’t have any other bad side effects, there’s no Alpha Yohimbine here, there are no chills there is no non-smooth transition out, and instead you feel motivated. This is where Defiant Unleashed excels so generally speaking and overall I really like it and you guys should give it a try.

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Where to buy & how to save money:

Let’s talk about pricing. This is not a cheap product even though it is fully dosed you have with a 16 grams servings consisting of all these stimulants. A full 30 serve generally costs $50 when you buy it in a retail store or online directly from Defiant Unleashed (Team Muscle Force website). So it’s definitely on the high end.  

Defiant Unleashed Review – Final Verdict:

So this is my final verdict guys if this doesn’t ruin you financially, it is a super good experience for that motivational feeling. I really like what Unleashed brings to the table and Muscle Force as a company. This product is a really good package together with the flavor and stimulants. The label doesn’t lie in this case. Listen people, if you want to save money on Defiant Unleashed you can find the latest coupons and deals below. 



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