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Myoblox Loco

Myoblox have been around for a few years now. The positioning of this Pre workout is different than most of the recent years branding approach of  these products. Rather than hardcore features like zombies, killer clowns and apocalypse, Myoblox Loco is more of a designer stylish pre workout, with sleek packaging, elegant feel and really cool names. Besides design, Myoblox Loco Pre-Workout has a proprietary ingredient called “Blox” that is unique to this brand and according to their website it is supposed to help with absorbing and effectiveness throughout all their products. So, does it work? Let’s dig in to our Myoblox Loco Review.




Myoblox Loco Label

This is a semi-proprietary label with the stim part of it being the proprietary part – which you know already I do not love. I called the guys at Myoblox to ask for the Caffeine amount in it and they were kind enough to reveal there’s 200mg per scoop, which allowed me to know more or less the rest of the quantities. Each tub has 38 servings (using 1 scoop). They recommend between 1-2 scoops.



Myoblox detail the amount per 1 scoop and per 2 scoops, as per the recommendation above. For 1 scoop there is 3g of Betaine, 2.5g of Beta Alanine, 1.5g of Taurine and 1g of Glycerol. So if you decide to take 2 scoops, you’re actually going to get 6 (!) grams of Betaine for muscle power, ATP production and muscle protein synthesis – which is  A LOT and way over the scientific dose. But the biggest challenge for some of you with the 2 scoops serving is a whole 5 grams of Beta Alanine which is going to get you tingling like there’s no tomorrow.

As far as pumps there’s glycerol at 1g or 2g if you take 2 scoops which is not a lot at all and as far as my experience – I didn’t really feel the pumps (which we will get to later).


The stim package comes to 1g if you take 1 scoop and 2g if you take 2. There is 200mg of RealCaf which is the better version of caffeine. The rest of the quantities I am educatedly guessing – Acetyl-Tyrosine at about 500mg for 1 scoop, N-Phenethyl at around 100mg for 1 scoop, Synephrine, Halostachine, Higenamine and the unique “Blox” ingredient. This is a very strong combination as far as stim package, with some ingredients that are basically very close to DMHA.

Is it deserving to be ranked in our Best Hardcore Pre Workout Supplement for 2019? Let’s check out the experience.



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Myoblox Loco PRICING

As fitting to this Gucci pre workout, the list price is a whopping $50 for 26 servings (going for 1.5 scoop like I did), which is expensive by all means. If you still want to go for it and feel the Gucci experience, compare prices and see if there’s any hot deals on this Loco pre workout, and of course other Pre Workout Powder Supplements Deals.



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