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blog-icon By FDN Posted on July 25, 2020

Static Labz 1,3 VOLT Pre-Workout review

After Dark Energy Pre-Workout and DARK LABS Crack broke the DMAA silence, comes another pre-workout! You’ve probably never heard of Static Labz and that’s because they are newly-emerging company who recently developed, in my opinion, one of the most intense pre workouts on the market right now. I know this seems like a crazy statement for a pre workout that just came out, but hear me out. The 1’3 Volt pre workout has 100 mg of DMAA and 6400 mg of Beta Alanine per scoop which are both some of the largest doses we have ever seen in a pre workout. And that is just the beginning. In this comprehensive 1’3 Volt Pre Workout review we will go through the label, but more important than that, I will share with you my personal experience and what you should expect!

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Warning: illegal AF ⛔️ Static Labz 1,3 VOLT Review [Best DMAA Pre Workout?]

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The Label

Let’s drill down into the label to see what you can expect from the 1’3 Volt Pre Workout from Static Labz. BUT remember, labels are just labels, the experience is what matters.

Pumps: Not the best part of the pre workout here as far as label, but definitely not horrible. The 1’3 Volt Pre Workout has 3600 mg of Citrulline Malate. Now this is a bit unorthodox because usually the Beta Alanine is double the Citrulline Malate, but Static Labz decided to switch those numbers around in order to optimize the power and endurance aspect.

Power & Endurance: 1’3 Volt comes with 6.4 g of Beta Alanine which is going to get you those tingles that we like so much in a pre workout. They also added 2.5 g of Betaine Anyhdrous which is also on the higher end. Add to that the Taurine and ultimately combining for a  solid power formula.

Energy & Focus: All my stim junkies – better listen up! This is where Static Labz decided to invest most of its time and rightfully so. They created a true stim junkie formula with 100 mg of DMAA, 300 mg of Alpha GPC 50%, and 400 mg of caffeine. Those 4 elements together are pretty close to a stim junkie’s paradise. And to wrap it all together, 30mg of Noopept! One of the most under rated focus ingredients on the market. Honestly I don’t understand how is Noopept still legal..

Overall, a super promising stim-filled label with a bunch of borderline ingredients that pack a lot of promise for the brave 🙂

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Hands-on Experience

Flavor: I tried the Electric Island flavor and it was actually pretty good, which is surprising considering this pre workout is meant for people who don’t care about the flavor. But we’ll definitely take it!

Experience in the gym: One thing I want to mention up front, it takes almost an hour for this pre-workout to peak. Which with the amount of beta alanine, means you’ll have to sit there, tingling to death until something ‘happens’. If you can take the wait, then I have to say, my experience with the Static Labz 1’3 Volt pre Workout lived up to the label expectation! Static Labz brought the heat with this one for a clean, long-lasting energy, intense tingling,  that gives you all of the effects that we stim junkies love. The pumps are good (not amazing) but the highlight here is the very apparent focus! The happiness factor is NOT to the level of Dark Energy, but the focus reminds me of Dark Labs CRACK (Huge Compliment) and overall good pre-workout experience!

Final Verdict

VOLT DID NOT make the top of my best DMAA pre workouts list . That place is saved for DARK ENERGY. With that said, the tingles and itching are very prominent and the ingredient panel is ‘not for human consumption’, so you can make your own decision as far as if you think taking the risk is for you. Personally I found VOLT to be a good experience if you are looking for something that will  keep you laser focused – and if you are a true stim junkie you might want to give this a go.

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