Transparent Labs PreSeries Bulk Review - Best Pre Workout 2020?

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Transparent Labs BULK Review

Unless you’ve been living under a pre-workout rock, you run into one of the Transparent Labs YouTube ads at some point. Super smart approach and an actually funny delivery. And yes, the ads are focused on the company’s BULK Pre-Workout which is the company’s best selling product. The company prides itself on its transparent labeling, simple formula with ingredients you can actually spell and well, performance. At Fitness Deal News, we are all about actual honest, unbiased reviews, based on real life experience and in this comprehensive unbiased review of the BULK pre-workout, you are going to get exactly that!

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The Label & The Promise

This is a very well rounded ingredient panel, which doesn’t leave any stone unturned. With a hefty dose of Citrulline Malate and L-Norvaline for N.O Production and pumps, 4G of beta alanine and 2.5G of Beta Pure (Betaine) you are getting power output support and endurance. Good dosages of NALT, Choline and Mucuna Pruriens to help with mental focus. And for the main even the stimulant package, Transparent Labs chose to go relatively easy on the Caffeine with 180mg but augmented it with Synephrine and Hordenine to add to the effect.

Now add to that 4 grams of 2:1:1 BCAA to start your recovery process (think about this as your Amino Product included!).

Overall, I like what I see on the label. This is obviously intended to be a pre-workout for everyone, and not for hardcore stimulant crazy users.


Transparent Labs PreSeries Bulk – The Experience

Flavors: All flavors I tried of the Transparent Labs Pre Workout were OK. Not amazing but ok. And to be honest that’s all you should expect from your pre-workout.

Experience: Transparent Labs delivers on the promise of a pre-workout that will not disappoint you and will get you ample amounts of energy that will take you through your workouts. I really liked the sense of urgency effect and surprisingly enough even-though there isn’t a lot of caffeine the effects lasted for a long time.

Final Verdict

Yes, the label is clear and the ingredient list is free of border line legal substances or stuff you just can’t read without your doctor. So for your average gym goer, this is a huge plus. Another great plus is the fact that the Transparent Labs BULK pre workout doesn’t have tons of caffeine which to a lot of you out there is an advantage as you are not looking to out-stim yourself. But as I mentioned in the experience section, it actually delivers all the energy and sense of urgency you expect and then some! Overall for an everyday use pre-workout, I highly recommend the PreSeries Bulk Pre Workout.


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