Best 10 Non-Stimulant & Caffeine free pre workout for 2020

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Updated November 2020

We all love caffeine, well most of us do anyway, and it’s got to the point where almost every pre-workout supplement out there is made up of mostly caffeine in ever-increasing amounts. We’ve talked about a lot of these in our article on the best 10 pre-workout supplements. But not everyone can consume caffeine, finding a pre-workout supplement that is stimulant-free is the only option for them.

Also, even you – caffeine lovers – should contemplate a stim-free pre-workout every once in a while. While caffeine is amazing, you can fast build a tolerance meaning that all of the benefits that you enjoyed (increased power, increased energy, less fatigue, and lowered rate of perceived effort) can vanish!

You can also begin to experience some negative side-effects such as increased cortisol, troubled sleep, and even weight gain. If you are beginning to suffer the effects of too much caffeine, then a stimulant-free pre-workout (combined with a caffeine-free diet) can help to lower your tolerance levels while also providing you the energy required to smash your workout. In this article, we are going to look at 10 of the best stimulant-free pre-workouts available to you.

Best 10 Non-Stimulant Pre-Workouts for 2020

1. Transparent Labs – PreSeries Stim-Free

In such a competitive market, you would expect to find a serious contention for the no.1 spot on this list. Well, not really. Transparent Labs STIM-FREE stands alone at the top of the list here, with no real close contenders at this point.

The easiest way to explain this is that different than a lot of the runner ups on this list, Transparent Labs actually designed STIM FREE to be a standalone fully functional Pre-Workout, rather than an add-on to their stimulant Pre Workout. With this approach, it is not surprising that STIM-FREE carries exactly the same label as the brand’s  to PRE-SERIES BULK minus the stimulants (caffeine & l-theanine).  This means that you are getting full impact in all of the departments. This product will increase strength and endurance (6g Citrulline Malate and 3g Creatine HCI), lower fatigue (BCAAs, 4g (!) Beta-Alanine, Betaine, Taurine), and improve focus (L-Tyrosine, Choline). All of the ingredients are either fully or overdosed, and there are no fillers here!

The bottom line, Transparent Labs PreSeries STIM-FREE is so good that you would be challenged to notice that you are actually using a caffeine free pre-workout!


2. ALPHA LION – SuperHuman Pump

best stim free pre workout

We love Alpha Lion Supplements here on Fitness Deal News. With a few exceptions the company usually hits a homerun with every product. Alpha Lion Superhuman PUMP is one of these. A loaded panel of Pump & Focus ingredients, combined with a fully dosed package of power output, endurance & focus elements, Komodo Pumps has everything you need in a stim free pre-workout and then some. Rivaled only by the no.1 on this list below, you really can’t go wrong here!

COMPARE PRICES FOR Alpha Lion SuperHuman Pump

3. InnovaPharm NovaPump

Yes, decisions are really hard. If you are looking for pure pumps and swoleness, well you really can’t go wrong with InnovaPharm’s NovaPump. This pump supplement delivers on the promise of crazy pumps. This is categorically one of the most impressive pump formulas out there, and if your focus is on a no-BS hard pumps, look no further. It doesn’t have beta alanine or any focus ingredients, so don’t expect anything beyond crazy pumps, but, this is why you came here in the first place no? 🙂

COMPARE PRICES FOR InnovaPharm Nova Pump

4. ASC Supplements SICARIO

ASC Supplements stormed into the pre workout scene with their EL JEFE Pre-workout which got a place of honor on our top 10 best pre workout list for 2019. Coming on the heels of that success is SICARIO the stim free pump and focus formula. You can obviously watch the full review, but here’s the bottom line – if what you care about in your stim free pre-workout is focus and pumps, it doesn’t get much better than ASC Supplements SICARIO. And when you add beta alanine to it, you’ll get the full stim free pre-workout experience I would consider top notch!


5. Primeval Labs – MEGA PRE

Primeval Labs MEGA PRE

Primeval Labs has stormed into the top of the supplement world in the last 2 years introducing several best selling supplements. The company caught everyone by surprise introducing MEGA PRE as a stim-free pre-workout. As one of the best stimulant-free pre-workout of 2019, MEGA PRE bring a complete pump & power package that you will feel. If you are into feeling swole and pumped, you really can’t go wrong with MEGA PRE by Primeval Labs.

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Watch Our Primeval Labs MEGA PRE:

6. Blackstone Labs – Hype Extreme

Blackstone Labs – Hype Extreme

Every ingredient in Hype Extreme from Blackstone labs is designed to increase your focus and create an amazing pump. Sodium Nitrate (1.5g) which converts to nitric oxide and is designed to increase vascularity, Rhodiola Rosea (0.3g) which has been proven to reduce fatigue, Huperzine A that is a cognitive enhancer (will improve focus), and Alpha GPC (0.25g) that is a cognitive enhancer and has been shown to increase power. You have two choices of flavor, Cotton Candy or Fruit Punch, and each tub contains 25 servings.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Blackstone Labs Hype Extreme


7. iForce Nutrition – HemaVol Powder

iForce Nutrition – HemaVol Powder

HemaVol Powder by iForce Nutrition delivers a huge pump via its main ingredient Agmatine Sulphate (0.5g), this is responsible for a big release in Nitric Oxide. The pre-workout also contains Citrulline to reduce fatigue, L-Norvaline to inhibit Arginase and increase the amount of time that nitric oxide can be available. HemaVol claims to increase power and performance, and based on the ingredient list this seems perfectly likely.

There are six flavors available: Blueberry Pomegranate, Cherry Limeade, Fruit Punch, Lemon Drop, Tangy Tangerine, and Watermelon Cooler. Each tub contains around 30-32 servings.



8. Rich Piana 5% Nutrition – Full as F*ck

Rich Piana – Full as F*ck

The goal of Rich Piana’s pre-workout is to get you the biggest pump going during your workout. It contains ingredients such as Taurine, Dan-Shen extract, and Niacin to widen blood vessels and increase vascularity. It also contains Citrulline that can reduce fatigue while improving both anaerobic and aerobic performance.

Full as F*ck comes in four flavors: Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Pomegranate, and Wild Berry with each pack containing 30 servings. If this was a ‘best pump’ product list, then the ‘full as f*ck’ would rank 1st. But in this list we are going after a complete non stim pre-workout ranking. But, if you are chasing a huge pump, then Full as F*ck is the pre-workout for you.

Shop for ‘Full as F*ck’ on Amazon

9. MTS Nutrition – Vasky

MTS Nutrition – Vasky

There are four main ingredients in Vasky by MTS Nutrition: Taurine (3g), HydroMax Glycerol (2g), Nitrogen (1.5g), and Vitamin C (100mg). As we’ve mentioned before Taurine is great for improving performance and increase blood circulation. Vitamin C can also affect circulation, and Nitrogen is an Arginine supplement that can increase Nitric oxide. The last ingredient is HydroMax Glycerol which is a highly concentrated form of Glycerol that helps increase your pump. The supplement comes unflavoured and contains 30 servings per pack.



  10. MAN Sports – Pump Powder

MAN Sports – Pump Powder

This stimulant free pre-workout from MAN Sports is excellent due to its simplicity. There aren’t hundreds of different ingredients here, just Niacin, Agmatine Sulfate, Glycerol, and Citrulline. The product claims that it produces superior pumps, increased power, and explosive strength. There are three flavors, all designed to match famous candies. You have “Dorks”, “Sour Batch”, and Blue Bomb-Sicle. Each pack contains 30 servings. Read our full MAN Sports Pump Powder review.




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