Hooligan Bare Knuckle Review + Best Deal 2021

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Hooligan Bare Knuckle Pre Workout Review

Apollon Nutrition has brought back one of the stronger stim-free pump pre workouts on the market, Hooligan Bare Knuckle Pre Workout. This the third version of this monster, but is it the best to date? The promise for Bare Knuckle V3 is the same feeling of swoleness during the workout with an added level of focus that is supposed to be better than the last version.

In this Hooligan Bare Knuckle Pre Workout Review, we are going to be talking about everything you need to know. From the benefits, label, flavor and so on. Without further ado, let the review begin!

Hooligan Bare Knuckle Pre Workout

Where to buy Hooligan Bare Knuckle Pre Workout

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Hooligan Bare Knuckle Review on YouTube

PUMPS for DAYZ 😮 Apollon Nutrition Hooligan Bare Knuckle Review [2021]

My Experience with Hooligan Bare Knuckle

I tried the Peach Iced Tea flavor and it was decent. Compared to the flavor of other Apollon Nutrition pre workouts like Assassin, this is delicious. Either way, with any pre workout, you drink it for 2 or 3 seconds then train for 2 hours. You will survive even if it does not taste amazing:)

The pumps I got from Hooligan are really great. Especially considering this is a stim-free formula, Bare Knuckle really delivers in that category. I even felt the swoleness effect 2 hours after finishing my workout. The pumps you get from Bare Knuckle are top notch for sure.

The focus is also super solid. During my workout I was 100% dialed in. Although there aren’t any stimulants in this formula, there are some ingredients which I mention later on that make up for the stim-free label.

Another thing I noticed was that my mind to muscle connection was improving a lot. Everything just seemed more efficient. I was even able to get a couple more reps in than usual. This is more of a psychological benefit you get from Hooligan Bare Knuckle, but it is an awesome addition. All of this is most likely because of the nice balance in focus ingredients.

Overall, Hooligan Bare Knuckle is a great pump and focus pre workout, which is what it is meant to do. If you want to get that swole feeling and be completely locked in, this is for you. There’s no caffeine or energy aspect in this since it is stim-free so you might want to add a nootropic of your choice to get a bit of energy going.


  • Hardcore Pumps
  • Heightened Focus (Better than V2)
  • Increased Vascularity
  • Mind-Muscle Connection


  • Decent flavor at best
COMPARE PRICES FOR Bare Knuckle Pre Workout V4 20% OFF – Brand New!

What is in Hooligan Bare Knuckle Pre Workout?

Apollon Nutrition put together a great Pump and Focus Matrix with hardcore ingredients like Alpha GPC, Lion’s Mane, and a hefty dose of L-Citrulline. On label, this is a great combination considering this is a stim-free formula so they can’t put anything crazy that you would see in a stim junkie pre workout. The purpose of Bare Knuckle is to deliver on pumps and focus, and they definitely do just that.

Hooligan Bare Knuckle Ingredients

Key Ingredients Breakdown

Pump Formula

As it should, Hooligan Bare Knuckle has several pump ingredients to give you maximum swoleness in the gym and for hours after. First we have L-Citrulline which is the main pump ingredient here and in most pre workouts.

At 8 g per scoop, this is definitely on the higher end but makes sense since they have to load this baby up. Then there is Himalayan Pink Salt at 250 mg which fills your muscles full of glycogen for those massive pumps.

Focus Matrix

Even though this is a pump pre workout, the focus ingredients in Hooligan Bare Knuckle Pre Workout are just as good. Lion’s Mane Extract at 1000 mg is one of the stronger focus ingredients that can be added to any pre workout, increasing alertness and focus levels during your workout.

Next there is L-Tyrosine at 2 g is known to have a positive cognitive effect and combat any side effects or possible crashes you would get with Bare Knuckle. 600 mg of Green Tea Extract adds a bit of a fat-burning effect plus acting as another aspect for alertness. Agmatine Sulfate is another nice ingredient to add for a slight euphoria effect.

Performance Drivers

Whether it is an ingredient for your mental performance or physical, Hooligan Bare Knuckle has several elements that play into both categories. Alpha GPC is a powerful additive that is known to play into the “mind-muscle” connection I mentioned before. 600 mg is a very solid dosage which you will undoubtedly feel during your session.

Next on the list is 50 mg of AstraGin which becoming more and more prevalent in the pre workout world. This is another counteracting ingredient that helps with any possible digestive issues or other things in the supplement. Lastly, we have Betaine Anhydrous, which like Hordenine, is an overall performance/endurance enhancer.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Bare Knuckle Pre Workout V4 20% OFF – Brand New!

Hooligan Bare Knuckle PRICE AND DEALS

You can get this awesome Stim-Free Pre Workout at Supps Central and other sites. As always you can compare prices and find the best deals on Fitness Deal News.

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